Nintendo Announces Giftpia

Nintendo announces that it's collaborating with UGA on this "alternative" role-playing game for the GameCube.



At its pre-E3 press conference this morning, Nintendo announced that it's collaborating with UGA on what it describes as an "alternative" role-playing game. In the game, which is called Giftpia, you'll assume the role of a character named Pockle who lives on an island inhabited by oddball citizens who are attempting to raise money for a new coming-of-age ceremony. To help them out, you'll be required to perform various odd jobs and complete quests--but if you stay up too late, you'll become haunted by ghosts. As you progress through the game, Pockle will become more mature and will consequently be allowed to stay up later.

Further information on Giftpia is scarce at present, but Nintendo stated that the game will feature a number of minigames, fishing, and an island radio station to listen to. No release date has been announced for Giftpia at this time, but we'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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