Nintendo announces contest winner

The winner of Nintendo's "What would you do for a GameCube?" contest dresses up as a Pikmin.


Nintendo of America has announced the winner of its "What would you do for a GameCube?" contest. Corey Olcsvary beat out four other finalists from across the nation to become the contest's grand-prize winner. Olcsvary performed the most outrageous stunt, as he became a Pikmin by shaving his head, donning a leaf, painting himself blue, and eating a bowl of Pikmin food, which included worms and crickets. As his prize, Olcsvary took home a Nintendo GameCube, a Game Boy Advance handheld, a video game software package, and $5,000 in cash.

"The response to this contest, like the enthusiasm for the Nintendo GameCube arrival, has been tremendous," said Peter Main, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo of America. "Of course, we never expected someone to become a human Pikmin and dine on mealworms and crickets just to get his hands on a Nintendo GameCube before its November 18 launch!"

The contest finals were held at the San Francisco Nintendo Cube Club, which is part of Nintendo's GameCube marketing campaing and similar events will be held nationwide through the middle of November. The GameCube will arrive at retailers on November 18.

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