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Nintendo Announces Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain, Launching December 3

Friends and family can match wits against each other in this new multiplayer brain-teaser.


If you ask Nintendo what it's going to do today, the response might be "the same thing we do every day, try to take over the world" with a new Big Brain Academy at the center of its plans. Snarf.

The company announced Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs. Brain today, due for release December 3. The game will bring the brain teaser-themed gameplay of the Big Brain Academy franchise to the Switch, this time also adding multiplayer support so friends and family can play against each other.

The new Party Mode will allow up to four players to earn points by quickly completing activities separated into five categories: Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute, and Visualize. Each player can set their own difficulty level, ranging from easiest--called Sprout Class--to the highly challenging Super Elite class.

The game will also include a Solo mode, a Practice mode where players can retry challenges to earn high scores and medals, and a Test mode--a quick series of five activities that serves as a mini aptitude test, assigning a Big Brain Brawn score at the end.

Big Brain Academy first debuted on the Nintendo DS in June 2005 as part of the Touch Generations line of first-party Nintendo games, which also included the Brain Age and Personal Trainer series. A sequel, Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree, was released in June 2007, after which the franchise had been dormant until now.

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