Nintendo Addresses Rumor It's Distancing Itself From New Wii U Exclusive

"We are excited to bring the game to Wii U and will have more to share soon."


Nintendo has finally broken its silence regarding the recent report that claimed Nintendo will no longer publish Wii U exclusive action game Devil's Third in North America.

In a statement on Twitter today, Nintendo acknowledged the mysterious situation, but didn't exactly clear things up concerning the company's publishing arrangement for the game.

"We know you are eager to hear more about Devil's Third," Nintendo of America said. "We are excited to bring the game to Wii U and will have more to share soon."

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In his own statement on Friday, designer Tomonobu Itagaki responded to the report by saying, "The world brims over with lies and rumors." For what it's worth, his statement also did not include specifics regarding whether or not Nintendo of America is still involved with the game.

Devil's Third, which combines shooting and hack-and-slash elements, has been in development for years and has quite a history. The game was originally going to be published by the now-defunct publisher THQ. At the time, it was an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC game, but later shifted to become a Nintendo-exclusive.

Last month, Itagaki and his development team at Valhalla Game Studios announced that it would launch at the end of August in Europe. A release date for North America has not been announced, but the Devil's Third game page on Nintendo's website lists the title as "TBD."

Even if Nintendo does decide to no longer publish Devil's Third in North America, which wouldn't be unprecedented, it's always possible another company could step in.

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