Ninja Reportedly Got $20-30 Million To Move From Twitch To Mixer

He's one of several streamers to take lucrative deals to switch platforms.


In August 2019, popular streamer Tyler Blevins (aka Ninja) signed an exclusivity deal with Mixer, moving away from Twitch and quickly building up a huge following on his new platform. It was clear that a lot of money must have been involved in the transaction with Mixer owner Microsoft, and now a new report is offering a ballpark figure.

According to an article on CNN about streamers being offered lucrative exclusivity contracts, Ninja's deal was likely worth between $20-30 million. This figure comes from Justin Warden, who is the CEO of marketing and talent management company Ader, and who claims to have inside knowledge of the deal.

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This was for a multi-year deal, and still likely represents the largest deal a streamer has gotten for exclusivity. Ninja is so popular that he has his own skin in Fortnite, the game he is most famous for streaming.

Back in 2014, Amazon spent $1 billion acquiring Twitch, which Mixer is in direct competition with. Other streamers who have left Twitch for Mixer deals include Shroud and Ewok, a deaf teenage Fortnite streamer.

Mixer is just one of the streaming platforms Twitch now competes with--YouTube and Facebook Gaming are also nabbing streamers. YouTube also recently announced an exclusivity deal involving Blizzard esports livestreams.

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