Ninja Gaiden Sigma II stalks PS3

Following Tecmo teaser, Famitsu offers first details on Team Ninja's redux of 2008 Xbox 360 exclusive.


Last week, Famitsu stole Capcom's thunder by offering the first details on Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, a title that was supposed to be announced later in the week at the Resident Evil 5 launch party. Today, the Japanese gaming magazine appears to have once again tossed a wrench in a game publisher's hype machine, following up Tecmo's teaser announcement from last Wednesday with a full reveal of Ninja Gaiden Sigma II for the PlayStation 3.

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According to Famitsu, Sigma II will be a PS3 redux of the Xbox 360-exclusive Ninja Gaiden II, released in June 2008, just as Ninja Gaiden Sigma was a redux for the original Xbox release of Ninja Gaiden. (Scans of the announcement were posted to the NarutoFan message boards and translated by GameSpot.) A Tomonobu Itagaki-less Team Ninja will create the PS3 edition of the game, and Sigma producer Yosuke Hayashi will fill the same role on Sigma II.

The Japanese magazine notes that Sigma II offers a number of tweaks over the Xbox 360 original. Dead or Alive ninjitsu master Ayane will be available as a playable character alongside series protagonist Ryu Hayabusa and will wade into the series' notoriously difficult fray equipped with dual short swords. Sigma II will also introduce a new weapon: a spiked hammer called the "Hasaiga Enma." Famitsu also reports that the PS3 edition of the game will offer large-scale boss battles not seen in Ninja Gaiden II.

Famitsu reports that Ninja Gaiden Sigma II is currently scheduled for release in Japan this fall. Tecmo's mystery game will officially be announced on March 24 in San Francisco as part of next week's Game Developers Conference. For more information, check out GameSpot's review of Ninja Gaiden II.

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