Ninja Gaiden Black only $29.99

Tecmo confirms souped-up version of its acclaimed action game will be discount-priced, stresses it will be premium quality.


This weekend, many Xbox owners browsing did a double take. Recently, the online store for the soon-to-be-subsumed retailer posted a product page for Ninja Gaiden Black with a price of just $29.99. The price seemed like an error, since the game includes the full version of Tecmo's acclaimed action game Ninja Gaiden, which retails for $39.99 (down from $49.99), along with both Hurricane Pack expansions and other bonus content.

However, today, Tecmo officials confirmed Ninja Gaiden Black will indeed retail at the discounted price. "Yes, it's true," said a spokesman for the company, who added, "I hope that the gamers will realize how incredible of a bargain NGB is!"

While Tecmo is eager to publicize Ninja Gaiden Black's affordability, the publisher emphasized that its low price point will not affect its quality. "I don't want you to think that NGB is going to be a cheap remake of NG, because Team Ninja has been working their butts off to completely revamp the game from the ground up [by] adding loads of new stuff," the Tecmo rep cautioned.

Ninja Gaiden Black is due out in September for the Xbox, and it will be rated M for Mature, just like the original game. GameSpot's previous coverage has more on Ninja Gaiden, as well as hands-on impressions of Hurricane Pack Vol. I and Hurricane Pack Vol. II.

$18.48 on Walmart

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