Ninja Gaiden 2 official, Rez and Ikaruga XBLA-bound

Microsoft publishing Team Ninja-developed sequel for 360 in 2008; two Dreamcast classics coming to download service; Sakaguchi dates Lost Odyssey.


Well, that didn't take long. Just hours after Ninja Gaiden 2 screens appeared on the Japanese edition of, Microsoft has officially unveiled the game. Set for a worldwide release in 2008, it is being worked on by Team Ninja, developer of the 2004 Xbox Ninja Gaiden, the 2005 Xbox rework Ninja Gaiden Black, and the 2007 enhanced rework Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation 3.

Currently, Ninja Gaiden 2 is set for a worldwide release on the Xbox 360 sometime in 2008. However, unlike its predecessors, it won't be ported to other consoles down the line. Instead of being published by Tecmo, holder of the Ninja Gaiden license, the game is being bankrolled and distributed directly by Microsoft Game Studios. Exact terms of the publishing deal were not made public as of press time, nor were any details on the title's story or gameplay.

Tomonobu Itagaki, head of Tecmo-owned Team Ninja, was on hand at a pre-Tokyo Game Show event this morning in Japan to make the Ninja Gaiden 2 announcement. He was joined on stage by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series and founder of Mistwalker, the publisher of the 360-exclusive role-playing game Blue Dragon.

Though Blue Dragon hasn't been a commercial or critical hit in the US or Japan, Sakaguchi used the event to tout--and date--his latest 360 RPG, Lost Odyssey. The game will be released on December 6 in Japan, where the 360 runs a distant third to the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii in terms of market share. Lost Odyssey will then ship in the rest of Asia in January 2008, with a North American and European release the following month.

"Call my screens fake, will ya?"

Another famed Japanese game designer enlisted by Microsoft is Q Entertainment head Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Ninety-Nine Nights and fan favorite Space Channel 5. Today Microsoft announced that another Mizuguchi-developed classic, Rez, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Though not dated or priced, when Rez does arrive, it will join two other Mizuguchi-developed games on the service: Lumines Live and the forthcoming Every Extend Extra Extreme.

Though it eventually was ported to the PlayStation 2, Rez was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast. Microsoft also announced today that another Dreamcast classic, Ikaruga, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Available "soon" according to Microsoft, the game will sport a "slow-motion" training mode and online co-op play for two persons.

Finally, Microsoft revealed two other titles for Xbox Live Arcade: a port of the PSP puzzler Exit (Taito) and the arcade shooter Triggerheart Exelica (Warashi). Three other games--the puzzle-platformer Braid (Number None Inc.), four-player RPG Castle Crashers (The Behemoth), and co-op focused actioner Schizoid (Torpex Games)--were confirmed for early 2008 launches.

"We continue to evolve our strong relationships with Japan's best and most innovative developers, and we're looking forward to delivering exclusive high-definition titles for consumers worldwide, this year and beyond," said Don Mattrick, senior vice president of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, in a statement.

[UPDATE] For more on the game, check out GameSpot's on-the-scene report of the Ninja Gaiden II unveiling at Microsoft's Xbox 360 event in Tokyo.

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I had PS2 but not Xbox and I wanted to play Ninja Gaiden. Then I bought Xbox 360 instead of PS3 so I can play the new Ninja Gaiden which came out on PS3!! Damn it! I never had the chance to play it. But this news is great! +10 more points to love Xbox 360!!

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To All PS3 fanboys out there u r all most welcome, don't be shy try it feel it the most great action and shooter games etc. NG2 , Halo 3 and much2 more on XBOX 360 enjoy the games CHEEEERRRRS!!!! P/S :don't forget what Optimus Prime said all PS3 owners outhere transformed and rollout.

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eventhough the trailer is short,its got some awesome style to it...ofcourse what do u expect..its ninja gaiden

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As a Xbox 360 owner I see this as good news maybe some ps3 owners will buy an xbox and join in our massive game library we have & always will have a bigger game library then the ps3 they should join in.

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My predictions of the future: Halo is going to own it all for a while , whether we like it or not. Common guyz. Over 1 Million reserves. that's a huge audience right there. multiply 60 x 1,000,000 try to guess how much money is that on a single game. i 'm pretty sure as of right now that number is even higher. yeah , yeah I know Halo is overrated ; but unfortunately that's not how the majority think . Society nowdays, is all about GUNS!! EVERYWHERE!!!!!. have you guyz though about this: how many FPS are out there ? we are so blind, that we can't even apreciate real games like NG . I know it is gonna be Hit and i'm pretty sure is gonna sell a lot of copies, however , I could bet anything that it wont surpass the Halo franchise. i can asure you

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@clone01 ... I agree. I rented NG once and simply had to give up after a few levels. As much as I liked the gameplay and the stile .. it was too difficult and punishing for me. I hope they tuned it down a bit this time around or .. at least give you the chance to set the game to a lower difficulty.

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'wait a second and say good bye to this company cuz this will be the last ninja gaiden.u know why its cuz the company will clos down after doing an exclusive to x box gaiden should defenetly stay on ps3.; i havent heard a worse comment in a while.....first off NG as we know it was on xbox to begin how can it stay on the ps3? fail.......second, the team will close down after it does an exclusive for the xobx 360?... sure i see that logic, a game would sell better with a user base of 4 million then it would with a user base of 11 million...epic fail.

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what an awesome video....

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searingSKITSO what he means is he hasn't been playing games long enough to talk about them. I just want to know what version Of Ikaruga we'll be getting: Arcade, DC, or GC?

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This game is verry nice and the grafics are verry nice too

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The true is: 9:59 - Itagaki continues, 'When we were creating the original NG for the Xbox, we used all of our power to use the hardware to its fullest, to extract every drop of power from that hardware. As a result, we weren't able to implement every feature we wanted to. As I look back, there were maybe 10 or 20 features we weren't able to implement. Now we're able to present nG2 on xbox 360 next gen hardware. What this means is we're able to implement features that we couldn't do before. As you can imagine, there's no greater thrill for a developer. Please enjoy the world's best action game running on the world's most powerful machine, Xbox 360.'

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This is awesome! It's funny my new xbox360's library may compare to my xbox faves: halo3, ninja gaiden 2, mass effect, soul calibur IV = halo1/2, ninja gaiden, KOTOR, soul calibur II

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@kikiitanni y would it close down?ninja gaiden has been a xbox game since 04. it was ported to the ps3.i dont understand what u mean by they will close down after.

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wait a second and say good bye to this company cuz this will be the last ninja gaiden.u know why its cuz the company will clos down after doing an exclusive to x box gaiden should defenetly stay on ps3.

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Microsoft made a good move with this. They now have a game that all Ninja Gaiden Sigma loving PS3 owners would want to have. They might say now that they don't care but they went crazy when the PS3 got that old xbox title. Now they need to buy a 360 to play the sequel or wait till atleast the next generation or maybe even forever.

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Ninja Team, big favor fix the freaking camara please.

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untouchables111 news flash i'm not buying a 360 to play this game. i think that sony got jipped on this. we just got the same old game just with new makeup. sigma was not even that great and i am not so worried about this. and 4 all or any of you who think sony fans are going to have to go get there 360 cause they have to play the sequel, are just dumb and people who actually go out and buy a system 4 1 game are dumb. _____________________________________________________ lol you mean like the people who buy systems on day one with the promise of MGS4?

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eh...always thought this game had too punishing of a difficulty.

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i love rez! i'm getting it as soon as it hits live arcade

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I don't care what anyone Says, It is Completely valid and Justified to expect better graphics upon unveiling of a brand new title, This is the 3rd Generation of 3D gaming, I am All about the Story and Gameplay, as All Gamers should be, but it works both ways, people say that if a game has brilliant visuals and Horrid Gameplay It's Bust, well the same goes, Sigma i can understand, was a Port, used the same Base Engine, and they made it look Heaps better within the borders they had, but you can not expect to unveil years old visuals on a Brand new up and Coming, exclusive "Killer App" and have Everyone excited, Just think If you went to watch a Blockbuster film these days, and it was shot on grainy ye olde Reels from the days of yore, would it be the story that counts? Old Graphics aren't an Artistic Device. I don't know about you guys but i will pay more attention when the engine has been Redesigned.

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Aren't there several Ninja Gaiden games already for this one to be called "Ninja Gaiden II"?

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No there are no possibilites when MS is the publisher..

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hmm... there is a slight possibility that this game can appear on the PS4 in 2015, or if Sony is absolutely sure of there 10 yr plan, it might appear on the PS3 5-7 years from now as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, or ultimate collection with every NG game that was ever made, after this and Ninja Gaiden White comes out on the 360 of course

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More people need to be concerned about gameplay and a cool story and a cool story as opposed to graphics. Nonetheless its a late 2008 title for a reason :)

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awws oh well, i hope team ninja makes something ps3 users can enjoy as well, hope u 360 owners enjoy it

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you're disappointed in graphics of a game that has no release date yet? sigma only came out a few months ago, don't expect leaps and bounds from developers in that amount of time on graphics, i'm sure they are working hard on gameplay mechanics and the disembowelment looks amazing.

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@ valcrist: Itagaki said that the graphics would improve and get alot better I heard. Still Sigma had good graphics, not much on the PS3 or 360 beats it.

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God i would of expected the graphics to look way better : / looks not much better then freaking sigma sighs..

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"Aw ffs I wish they wouldn't release Rez on XBLA, it's a rare and expensive game that should only be enjoyed buy a limited amount of people, M$ just doesn't understand, they only understand money, bah, now I'm annoyed... M$ is just so uncool for some reason, something about 360's just makes them seem lame" what?! i've got rez and think it should be enjoyed by as many people as possible. i'll be getting it again on my 360 now too.

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So many games! Good lord! So many games! Good lord!! This is great news! Now I hope the game plays well even though NG1 and Sigma was cool, but after what happened to Lair, I am skeptical, yet excited, about every game until they are released.

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Very nice. I loved the first ninja gaiden for the xbox, it was probably my most favorite fighting game. It was hard as hell though heh. Can not wait for this game!!

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Still more excited for Devil may cry 4 than this myself.

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@ jakndaxter7223: You know no one really cares if games go onto the PC, if Heavenly sword was on the PC would you really care? Would you throw away the PS3? Consoles offer a different experience and the best two games coming to the 360 are Halo 3 and Ninja Gaiden 2, those will be exclusive. Metroid I don't like, any game with auto aim isn't my taste, and spending ages scanning fauna and flauna gets boring.

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@ untouchables111: Oh really, darn we better get some real bear traps or the PS3 fans might realise what we're doing. The point was not that they would but that if they want to get Ninja Gaiden 2 that they will have to, they don't have to get it but some will want it. And despite the fact that it is only 1 game, there are many more on the 360 so this could just be more goodness to convince them to buy a 360.

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well this can still come to the pc. hope it does though coz i dont want to get an x360 just for this game. but this is one of ms strong points. they managed to get an exclusive deal and it will be a killer app for the x360 again.

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to _JPH_ : no no not really at all....i dont know if u knew this but 360's 2 biggest released games are on or will be on the PC (BIOSHOCK & GeOW) so its not like they are so exclusive, and the PS3 has heavenly sword and Warhawk, and thw Wii has Metroid Prime 3 which i think beats all of them

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news flash i'm not buying a 360 to play this game. i think that sony got jipped on this. we just got the same old game just with new makeup. sigma was not even that great and i am not so worried about this. and 4 all or any of you who think sony fans are going to have to go get there 360 cause they have to play the sequel, are just dumb and people who actually go out and buy a system 4 1 game are dumb.

Avatar image for _JPH_

The 360 has incredible games that the PS3 and the Wii don't have combined.

Avatar image for Lt_Riggs

"agg4000 Aw ffs I wish they wouldn't release Rez on XBLA, it's a rare and expensive game that should only be enjoyed buy a limited amount of people, M$ just doesn't understand, they only understand money, bah, now I'm annoyed... M$ is just so uncool for some reason, something about 360's just makes them seem lame" thats not selfish at all

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Avatar image for Sigil-otaku

@ michaeltheCM: Yeah, on the PS3 they released Ninja Gaiden Sigma (a remake of the first Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox) but that was done by another team while Itagaki and the main team worked on making Ninja Gaiden 2. Team Ninja also makes Dead or alive Xtreme and Dead or Alive's so they make quite a few games.

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didnt they just come out with a game? :|

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I'm amped for this game. The third person action adventure king is back! Ninja Gaiden 2, should, if implemented right, will practically (when the game is complete), really be a welcome addition to this generation of action adventure games. I admit, it's shocking that's it is going to be Xbox 360 exclusive, but I thought it wouldn't happen looking at how expensive it is to make these games to meet people standards and to maximize profits. No matter what, I have hope Ninja Gaiden 2 is going to be a instant hit, no matter what console it would be on (BTW, it it's practically superficial, Total_Defense_O, to say PS3 control of NG was better than Xbox's if it has been reworked and tweaked to accommodate the PS3 controller AND there's no 360 version to compare the controls. If it really matters to you, there isn't that much of a difference, but I respect your opinion. In my opinion, there isn't much of a difference, but I would think the 360 controller would be better and with analogs stick placed better than the PS3 in my opinon much more easier to deal with and less cumbersome. The Dual Shock next Playstation needs to have the left analog stick above the d-pad.

Avatar image for Mercenary19

About time they made an actual sequel. I was getting tired of the same game getting re-made again and again.

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Well XBLA is getting Rez and Ikaruga, but where's Bangai-O? I can't wait for NG2!

Avatar image for Shingo

OH SNAP MICROSOFT! You and your Ninja Gaiden 2 exclusivity and Rezzing about. Also, it's about time for a sequel, after how many damn times the original was rereleased

Avatar image for callumohare

Actually, ninja gaiden Z was good, but... no. i already own a 360, and i wont be buying this. Im NOT hooking up the 360 every time i want to play ninja gaiden- its bad enough that i have to do so for guitar hero since my PS3 version got stolen along with my PS2, TV, and one of my PSPs...

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If NG2 is exclusive to Xbox 360, then PS3 fans who loved NG: Sigma will have to buy a 360 to play the sequel. This looks like some very good times for Microsoft. It seems that NG: Sigma on PS3 is now a good thing for the 360. Talk about backfire on PS3. You take an exclusive game froma last gen console, but in order to play the sequel, you have to buy a competing console.

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