Ninja Gaiden 2 official, Rez and Ikaruga XBLA-bound

Microsoft publishing Team Ninja-developed sequel for 360 in 2008; two Dreamcast classics coming to download service; Sakaguchi dates Lost Odyssey.


Well, that didn't take long. Just hours after Ninja Gaiden 2 screens appeared on the Japanese edition of, Microsoft has officially unveiled the game. Set for a worldwide release in 2008, it is being worked on by Team Ninja, developer of the 2004 Xbox Ninja Gaiden, the 2005 Xbox rework Ninja Gaiden Black, and the 2007 enhanced rework Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation 3.

Currently, Ninja Gaiden 2 is set for a worldwide release on the Xbox 360 sometime in 2008. However, unlike its predecessors, it won't be ported to other consoles down the line. Instead of being published by Tecmo, holder of the Ninja Gaiden license, the game is being bankrolled and distributed directly by Microsoft Game Studios. Exact terms of the publishing deal were not made public as of press time, nor were any details on the title's story or gameplay.

Tomonobu Itagaki, head of Tecmo-owned Team Ninja, was on hand at a pre-Tokyo Game Show event this morning in Japan to make the Ninja Gaiden 2 announcement. He was joined on stage by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series and founder of Mistwalker, the publisher of the 360-exclusive role-playing game Blue Dragon.

Though Blue Dragon hasn't been a commercial or critical hit in the US or Japan, Sakaguchi used the event to tout--and date--his latest 360 RPG, Lost Odyssey. The game will be released on December 6 in Japan, where the 360 runs a distant third to the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii in terms of market share. Lost Odyssey will then ship in the rest of Asia in January 2008, with a North American and European release the following month.

"Call my screens fake, will ya?"

Another famed Japanese game designer enlisted by Microsoft is Q Entertainment head Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Ninety-Nine Nights and fan favorite Space Channel 5. Today Microsoft announced that another Mizuguchi-developed classic, Rez, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Though not dated or priced, when Rez does arrive, it will join two other Mizuguchi-developed games on the service: Lumines Live and the forthcoming Every Extend Extra Extreme.

Though it eventually was ported to the PlayStation 2, Rez was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast. Microsoft also announced today that another Dreamcast classic, Ikaruga, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Available "soon" according to Microsoft, the game will sport a "slow-motion" training mode and online co-op play for two persons.

Finally, Microsoft revealed two other titles for Xbox Live Arcade: a port of the PSP puzzler Exit (Taito) and the arcade shooter Triggerheart Exelica (Warashi). Three other games--the puzzle-platformer Braid (Number None Inc.), four-player RPG Castle Crashers (The Behemoth), and co-op focused actioner Schizoid (Torpex Games)--were confirmed for early 2008 launches.

"We continue to evolve our strong relationships with Japan's best and most innovative developers, and we're looking forward to delivering exclusive high-definition titles for consumers worldwide, this year and beyond," said Don Mattrick, senior vice president of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, in a statement.

[UPDATE] For more on the game, check out GameSpot's on-the-scene report of the Ninja Gaiden II unveiling at Microsoft's Xbox 360 event in Tokyo.

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YAY omg soo glad i got a 360. Halo 3,mass effect,bio shock and all the XBLA games loving my 360 atm

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If i would have bought a ps3 .. i would cry almost everyday seeing all these incredible games being released and being exclusive. I dont know why its so hard to admit that xbox has many more high quality exclusives and is the system to own now and at least for the next year or two. I cant see how a hardcore gamer could be happy right now owning a ps3 only.

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Tesfa3000 said: "team ninja don't forget co op play is the future!?!?! (wink wink)" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wow I didn't even think of a coop mode, but that would make this game amazing. I hope Team Ninja hears you.

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Ninja Gaiden is easily in the top five best game on the original Xbox. The game was difficult, but once you mastered the battle system, using it almost became poetry. This is a great strategic move on MS's part to bring this back as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

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YAY! Now in the mean time port me the old school series onto XBLA!

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OMFG! That is IT! The only reason I bought a PS3 was for Sigma! Now I might have to sell it for a 360 Damnit!

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Ikaruga :D Oh and ninja gaiden 2 as well ^^

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Considering that Ninja Gaiden was amazing and I could not beat it on the xbox and Sigma was glorious and probably the best game on the pS3 currently - finally beat it - 2 on the 360 is a must HAVe title. I was worries the 360 would have no major exclusives for 2008 - but I guess MS still has some tricks up the sleeves.

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thank you shadystxxx for clearing that up to those that didnt understand about Gow3 being a production of sony and halo belonging to microsoft. unless the two companies merge, x-360 will never see GOW. Just like Ps3 will never see halo

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Nickgansta Im Gonna laugh when Gow 3 comes to the 360 Like Gow 2 was susposed go to the 360 and PS3 in preproduction and i dont think microsoft is gonna give that one up if they let bioshock go to the PS3 or MGS4 Cause that game is probally gonna end up like DMC4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's hard to make sense of your comment. But anyway gow3 will never come to 360, gow2 was never supposed to come to 360, god of war is a first party sony title developed by an in house sony developer sony santa monica(i think), it's just like halo 3 wont go to ps3 because its first party.

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team ninja don't forget co op play is the future!?!?! (wink wink)

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it will be an incredible game by seeing the trailer and screenshots.

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I just looked at the photos! whew its a bloodbath. I can not wait for this one.

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Lewpy 79 : it means that this game is unlikely going to appear on another console as it is being distributed my microsoft

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Im Gonna laugh when Gow 3 comes to the 360 Like Gow 2 was susposed go to the 360 and PS3 in preproduction and i dont think microsoft is gonna give that one up if they let bioshock go to the PS3 or MGS4 Cause that game is probally gonna end up like DMC4

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d3r7y: Instead of being published by Tecmo, holder of the Ninja Gaiden license, the game is being bankrolled and distributed directly by Microsoft Game Studios. LoL!!!! Need I Say More? If you could... Coz I'm not sure what your point is?

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well to reply to what neonarvo said, most likely they will release ninja gaiden 2 for the xbox 360 only but later on they'll make a "newer" version of it for the ps3 and just add a different title to it like what they did with ninja gaiden sigma with new stuff like weapons and such.

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Instead of being published by Tecmo, holder of the Ninja Gaiden license, the game is being bankrolled and distributed directly by Microsoft Game Studios. LoL!!!! Need I Say More?

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@NeoNavarro: since it's produced (read: fed by money of) by Microsoft, it'd surprising if it was developed for any other platform.

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YES!!! I see that Microsoft is setting up there hot lineup for 2008. I'm not surprised to see it only for 360. I mean there are a ton of exclusive games for the 360.

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I'm a little surprised to hear that it will be for the X-Box only.

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Playstation-only users, stop beeing narrow minded and join the party. You're most welcome. 360 is becoming more and more like the PS2 was in the old days, a device every gamer should own.

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i dont know if should be happy or sad it is great that it is coming for the 360 but will the game industry turn into like what the PC is? if it does, it wont matter who fanboy you are

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@ gendaito: The cinematic teaser had some style but it's not exactly anything to go by, the pictures and walk through of the demo that IGN did (check their preview section to find it) is. By scarf you mean his hood, by sleeveless spandex you mean leather ninja suit, by red and gold sword you mean the dragon blade. Yes there are ways to spin things. You mean Rikkimaru from Tenchu? The last I checked Tenchu Z was pretty bad.

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yesssss!!! its about time. i loved NG 1 and thought it had the best visuals out of any game in its category last gen as well as excellent gameplay. after playing god of war 1 and then 2, i was left hungry for more blood asking one question..........."WHEN ARE WE GETTING NINJA GAIDEN 2?".....AND HERE IT IS.....YAAAAYYYY!!! and i hope the story will feature rachel again seeing as shes the sexiest video game girl ever. she can kick my butt anyday.

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I can't Believe People thought that Cinematic Teaser had Style..... Scarf Wearing, Ninja in Sleeveless Spandex Leotard + Red and Gold Sword...... Wow Talk about Cool... 0_o Where's Rikkimaru when we need him,

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beamme, Sony has not forsaken us, God of War3 will rise soon!!!!!!!

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@ Juan99692k6: Your exagerating, if we were truly blind then we'd be buying terrible games and ignoring the better ones. Ninja Gaiden deserves alot of attention and should sell really well but it is very hard (which I like but can turn away some gamers) and it also has the problem of being in a less accessible genre than Halo. The Halo franchise deserves all the sales it gets as it is a remarkable FPS and reinvented console FPS while also popularizing weapons. It was also very balanced and cool, Halo will sell better and deserves it but Ninja Gaiden will sell less than it deserves.

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hope the camera is better...but can't wait!!!!

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Hope to hear more about Ninja Gaiden II soon

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at staley6565 u cant compare halo 3 to ninja gaiden there not in the same category i like both games this will be really interesting as the one on the xbox was pretty tough and awesome

Avatar image for staley6565

I agree that Nina Gaiden is better game than Halo, no matter what kind of reviews H3 gets, its basic core gameplay leaves it a weaker game than NG. That said, while Ninja Gaiden sees some popularity in the US, it's pathetic that simply because of the premise that it's not a FPS where badass Americans shoot everything to hell without thought, it's going to sell less. Also, Itagaki deserves to be slapped with a wet cat for putting a female master chief in his last major game. That goes on my top 10 list of stupid things in modern gaming that developers do to try and get people to play their games, taking a backseat to himself with the release of DOAX2, which needs no description, the release of the game is stupid enough.

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Excellent the main reason why i've got a 360 is for dead or alive and ninja gaiden! I just hope the game-play get's not screwed up and that ryu will still be as smooth and well responding like in NG1

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juan99692k6 "we are so blind, that we can't even apreciate real games like NG . I know it is gonna be Hit and i'm pretty sure is gonna sell a lot of copies, however , I could bet anything that it wont surpass the Halo franchise. i can asure you " Thank you for very obvious prediction. You may as well predict that the sky will be blue and tomorrow, Earth's gravity will pull me down.

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With the lineup of titles set to be released in Japan & a xbox 360 exculsive NG2 on the top of the list how can gamers from the land of rising sun deny Microsoft's beast? If not they will miss some great games!

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Isn't this the first announcement DC games to be ported to the next generation? I hope they will port the original Shenmue over then-saves me from having to buy a DC this year. Shenmue you were too beautiful for this world (as my brother puts it).

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I guess this is one of those "Suck it, PS3 fanboys" kinda moments...yet Why!? WHY!? The Xbox is supposed to suck! so why does it get all these great games and cool stuff to download? oh great SONY, why has thou forsaken us?

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MilkMan Willy: Would you like to decapitate some demons? Beaver: Oh, would I ever Mr. !!!

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YES! YES! Finally I thought it was a rumor when I saw it on ign! Can't wait for NG2! DEATH TO SONY!

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I wouldn't doubt that Sigma would be on the 360 too. it would make sense. However you can already play the awesome NGblack on the 360 from the old xbox game - and its wonderfully awesome even for it being a LAST GEN game. Sigma was a good update, but in all essence - it is exactly the same. So maybe there is no need for a 360 Sigma. Ninja Gaiden under microsofts belt is one big thing. Because it is a series that is well renouned and favoured, and can show the best of a console. If you put Genji next to Sigma - you can see why people like NG so much. And for the 360 to have it -- that must say something about the console. Its cool that Microsoft know what franchises are important, and are doing everything to keep the games flowing for the 360. Unfortunately for Sony - if their software titles slump - they simply put up more microtransactions and bluray movies to make up for the loss :( Whereas the Wii and the 360 have to churn out games to make their consoles a success (first and foremost)

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PS3: A bad man touched me Policeman: Where did he touch you son? PS3: (Points to where the sun dont shine) Policeman: And did he put something in there? PS3: (Nods head yes) and he took my game away Policeman: What game did the bad man take son? PS3: Ninja Gaiden 2 Policeman: (Burst out in laughter) hey merodach.... your sick.......but in a good way!

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Can't wait for rez. Too bad it'll probably be sold in four different packs for 1200 point each.

Avatar image for RAFDOG

rachael with next gen graphics..*drooooooooooooool* lol.. this is very good many games to buy on the 360.. yet so little money hahaha..

Avatar image for Merodach

PS3: A bad man touched me Policeman: Where did he touch you son? PS3: (Points to where the sun dont shine) Policeman: And did he put something in there? PS3: (Nods head yes) and he took my game away Policeman: What game did the bad man take son? PS3: Ninja Gaiden 2 Policeman: (Burst out in laughter)

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Whoa, the only game I ever wanted to get a sequel! (that's a lie, cuz Halo, Elder scrolls, bioshock,... should keep on getting sequels :)) Well, I hope it's gonna rock as much as the NG on xbox, and I hope they don't really alter the difficulty much, it was hard in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you finish the game pretty fast. And if it's an addictive game like NG, you'll finish it more than twice. And @ImOldGreg, good answer, was lmao :)

Avatar image for BloodreaverSlut

ah man, exclusive to 360 sucks! Im a PS3 owner and bought ninja gaiden sigma and loved it. To find out there wont be a NG2 for the PS3 is a kick in the teeth. And no, i will not buy a 360... like gamespot says: almost every game gets to multiple platforms, all we can do... is hope and NOT buy a 360!!! :)

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Is Rachel gonna be there too? This sequel is gonna be totally blank without her. Hey, don't you deny it ;).

Avatar image for anamnawshad

Awesome! 360 game library just got a lot better with this! 8)

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NIghtcreeper and all others out there that hope "they make NG2 easier" Go buy Barbie's Pony parade I hear thats nice and easy.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]