Ninja Gaiden 2 official, Rez and Ikaruga XBLA-bound

Microsoft publishing Team Ninja-developed sequel for 360 in 2008; two Dreamcast classics coming to download service; Sakaguchi dates Lost Odyssey.


Well, that didn't take long. Just hours after Ninja Gaiden 2 screens appeared on the Japanese edition of, Microsoft has officially unveiled the game. Set for a worldwide release in 2008, it is being worked on by Team Ninja, developer of the 2004 Xbox Ninja Gaiden, the 2005 Xbox rework Ninja Gaiden Black, and the 2007 enhanced rework Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation 3.

Currently, Ninja Gaiden 2 is set for a worldwide release on the Xbox 360 sometime in 2008. However, unlike its predecessors, it won't be ported to other consoles down the line. Instead of being published by Tecmo, holder of the Ninja Gaiden license, the game is being bankrolled and distributed directly by Microsoft Game Studios. Exact terms of the publishing deal were not made public as of press time, nor were any details on the title's story or gameplay.

Tomonobu Itagaki, head of Tecmo-owned Team Ninja, was on hand at a pre-Tokyo Game Show event this morning in Japan to make the Ninja Gaiden 2 announcement. He was joined on stage by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series and founder of Mistwalker, the publisher of the 360-exclusive role-playing game Blue Dragon.

Though Blue Dragon hasn't been a commercial or critical hit in the US or Japan, Sakaguchi used the event to tout--and date--his latest 360 RPG, Lost Odyssey. The game will be released on December 6 in Japan, where the 360 runs a distant third to the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii in terms of market share. Lost Odyssey will then ship in the rest of Asia in January 2008, with a North American and European release the following month.

"Call my screens fake, will ya?"

Another famed Japanese game designer enlisted by Microsoft is Q Entertainment head Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Ninety-Nine Nights and fan favorite Space Channel 5. Today Microsoft announced that another Mizuguchi-developed classic, Rez, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Though not dated or priced, when Rez does arrive, it will join two other Mizuguchi-developed games on the service: Lumines Live and the forthcoming Every Extend Extra Extreme.

Though it eventually was ported to the PlayStation 2, Rez was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast. Microsoft also announced today that another Dreamcast classic, Ikaruga, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Available "soon" according to Microsoft, the game will sport a "slow-motion" training mode and online co-op play for two persons.

Finally, Microsoft revealed two other titles for Xbox Live Arcade: a port of the PSP puzzler Exit (Taito) and the arcade shooter Triggerheart Exelica (Warashi). Three other games--the puzzle-platformer Braid (Number None Inc.), four-player RPG Castle Crashers (The Behemoth), and co-op focused actioner Schizoid (Torpex Games)--were confirmed for early 2008 launches.

"We continue to evolve our strong relationships with Japan's best and most innovative developers, and we're looking forward to delivering exclusive high-definition titles for consumers worldwide, this year and beyond," said Don Mattrick, senior vice president of Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, in a statement.

[UPDATE] For more on the game, check out GameSpot's on-the-scene report of the Ninja Gaiden II unveiling at Microsoft's Xbox 360 event in Tokyo.

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People aren't debating whether you like them both but that NG is more intense. By the sound of you getting the killed more times it must be harder and so causes a little more tension. I don't want to have to do another list so just look at my posts below cos it sounds more like you were just getting more involved with god of war, I have listed lots of reasons why NG is more varied, is more intense and is more diverse yet the only reason I've seen for god of war being better is the lvel design and bosses. The level design of God of war is too linear aswell, with no alternate routes etc. it never felt like you were lost or needed to fight enemies as much (NG had enemies reappear at some points and even some battles where you'd fight through 60 enemy just for a wig on Sigma or 50 bugs to pass the grail part on the original) and the levels were sparsely populated.

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AGAIN; For the people who are very slow at understanding i will type in big letters. I SAID NG AND GOW; BOTH ARE GOOD GAMES!!!!! I like them both, but i felt more action in Gow of war due the the HUGE level design, INTENSE boss fights, and excellent story. I own NG black too, dont get me wrong, NG black is a very good game, but i found myself having to see the DAMMMMMMM game over screen way tooooooooo many times which can be frusterating. playing NG black on hard was like sucide. AS for mr triniprince1420 i see someone already gave you a thumbs down on your pathetic comment, which goes to show, you dont know what the hell you is talking about, so please wipe your tears, go eat a cookie and wait for NG2

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gaiden rules, my fav game ever.i ve played just the black version for over 1000 hrs, and i m still loving it. now i have a good reason to buy xbox 360 over ps 3

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Smart move in part of Microsoft to keep ninja gaiden II

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"Testament For one, someone let me know when there is a actual game demo, because that sh*t dont say anything. As we all know some sequels can result in dissapointment. As for the joker that said NG is better than GoW, i have to strongly disagree. There both good games, but the action in Gow is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more intense and faster pace. NG2 will shine light on the 360, but PS3 will have there light too once Gow3 comes out, i believe its already in delevelopment as we speak...." Not NG, If it happens, then it happens right there, when you least expect it. While for GoW they mainly focus on hitting certain buttons in certains patterns, or just hitting a button over and over again to ram a blade down someones throat. not really fast and in your face. in NG you literally get overwhelms by just 3 guys who don't stand there like idiot, they all come at you and once and hit you from behind, side to side and right in your face.

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Oh right you are Prince how right you are

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Oh Testament, testament, testament, how very dumb and stupid you could you even compare NG to GOW......GOW doesn't compare to NG. Not in this lifetime bro.....NG Black was way better than GOW1 and 2......NG just holds such a big golden crown over GOW head it's ridiculous...Plz don't make me have to tell you again.....NG2 is gonna wipe the slate clean with GOW3 and that's that.....there's no way that GOW could meet up to NG standards, you're out of your mind. O and sonic 2010, speak English.....

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I love NG, but i was hoping that they would update Ryu's costume a little................sorry my girlfriend is making me watch Queer Eye for the Strait Guy and now all i can do is think about cloths......=(.......god help me

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This is just another reason microsoft will hit top of the sales chart in fall 2008 at this rate its not a problem if bioshock goes to the ps3 As a owner of both 360 and PS3 If this keeps up i will have no reason to own both Gow 2 dissapointed me but the Combat was amazing I dont see GoW 3 being exclusive because of the sales of the 360 they wont give that money up Also I sense a NG1 remake for wii it only makes sense with the release of Dragon

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Yeah better than god of war, it has loads more weapons, the action is alot closer so more tense, the way the bodies fall, hit walls and get kciked around, the better graphics, the more moves, the more varied enemies, the fact it has more weapon types (god of war has magic and melee weapons, NG has melee weapons, ranged weapons and magic). God of war is cool but NG is king.

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better than god of war please i love NG its one of my fav games but god of war is king

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MS just needs to go ahead and buy Team Ninja, that would be awesome.

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@ testament: NG2 has such fast gameplay that it's hard to even keep up (as the IGN preview of the demo said) and the action in NG is more intense than god of war. God of war is pretty cool but the action gets broken up a little when you can do the special moves by pressing whatever button it shows above there head and the camera is also more zoomed out so really NG2 is faster, more close to the action and has a really good sense of impact plus with the new limbs being decapitated, the way Ryu can kick and throw enemies flying and the corpses not vanishing I'd say NG2 will be alot better than God of war games (waiting to see god of war 3 to judge that one though).

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@ psuns: Devil may cry is a very good series but Ninja Gaiden is lot better in my opinion (not trying to bulldoze your opinion just saying why I prefer NG). I found DMC to be a bit cheap becuase teleporting and stuff made it alot easier and the enemy (like spiders and some bosses) don't react when you hit them which is just cheap cos they hit you when your half way through a combo. NG2 also has a lot more weapons and I fear with DMC 4 having every style available (teleport, doppelganger and all the others) it will too easy unless they make more cheap units that ignore being slashed by a 6 foot long sword. I agree that the characters on DMC are more badass and the style and presentation is really cool too.

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"room234 And... Microsoft buys another exclusive. You have to admire their strategy: Find good games and give the people a huge check so they don't put good games on other consoles. it's way easier than having to come up with an actual plan." yeah, b/c no other global corp. does that. welcome to the real world, Skippy!

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For one, someone let me know when there is a actual game demo, because that sh*t dont say anything. As we all know some sequels can result in dissapointment. As for the joker that said NG is better than GoW, i have to strongly disagree. There both good games, but the action in Gow is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more intense and faster pace. NG2 will shine light on the 360, but PS3 will have there light too once Gow3 comes out, i believe its already in delevelopment as we speak....

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now there are 2 games i am looking forward to in 2008... resident evil 5 is the other...

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Well it's about F***ing Time!

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I have to say: Ninja Gaiden for the G1 Xbox gave me the most "OMG...that was awesome" moments then any other game I've played. I know NG2 will do the same.

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This game is gonna look better than Sigma by far not to mention its gonna have the sickest combos.

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LOL. Why does it not surprise me that its 360 exclusive? Because Team Ninja realized that the sales for PS3's Ninja Gaiden Sigma were poor and that the PS3 doesnt appeal to most gamers. They obviously have heard how well the 360 has been doing in terms of sales alone, so it's no surprise PS3 won't be getting any true Ninja Gaiden. HA!

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I wonder why all the PS3 fans are acting like buying a game is such a bad thing. Microsoft payed a very excellent producer who they have good relations with (so it's not like the deal was desperate or out of their way). Thats a good idea, getting more good games is good. What do you think Sony did with the NCsoft deal? It's not called a deal cos Sony had NCsoft sign a contract or whatever for 3 exclusive games in return for nothing, Sony must have payed them for this so whats wrong with MS paying for Ninja Gaiden to stay exclusive? @ room234: also your wording of it makes it sound worse than it is, MS didn't send a massive check they just agreed to publish the game (obviously at their own expense), becoming a publisher of a game so you have a say on what consoles it goes on is different but it just achieved the same thing as paying them (only now MS gets to keep it permenantly) NG2 is gonna be one of the best games (if not the best game) of 2008 so I can see why the PS3 fans are a little offput by the announcement.

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NG2 is comming next year on xbox360. hum let me guss mabe MGS4 & killzon2 will come to Xbox360 who knows. i don't have faith on sony anymore. they aint focousing on da ps3 because they keep making game 4 dqa ps2.

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NOW I will spend the money on an 360! This game alone have justified me spending 400 dollars on a 360! And It's about time we get long awaited NG2, I was tired of all the BS-ing with those remixed ninja gaidens!

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i am selling my PS3 & i am gona get a XBOX 360 as soon microsoft deal with da red ring of death. because i don't wana buy a x360 & die on me so that i have 2 wait 4 four or five weeks for da repair.

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LOL room. You know I have to agree and say that it's working alot better than playstations plan of "earning exclusives."

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I wish the 360 played all my dc games through emulation. I'm scared to play my dc because I don't want it to break!

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i'm just happy i got a 360 :-)

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And... Microsoft buys another exclusive. You have to admire their strategy: Find good games and give the people a huge check so they don't put good games on other consoles. it's way easier than having to come up with an actual plan.

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man I love having a 360

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Heh, sweet.

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Cant Wait! :)

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I just can't wait to play this game.

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No they aren't. They're fantastic.

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are these ninja gaiden games any good

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damn no PS3 release? Oh well... I got other games to play, but congrats to the 360 for having ninja gaiden back again!

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It is fantastic that a lot of new games are planned and on the way...but....I am way to casual to play NG2. I am glad there is a great game for the hard core but I'll play some of the other less taxing games announced.

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And now... We can see a possible shining star over Microsoft next year! ^_^ -To_Ashes

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Serchant, please elaborate? You think it's going to get ported over to the PS3? That has as much a chance of happening as God of War coming to the 360. Both stay exclusive.

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not 360 only...

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Tesfa3000 said: "team ninja don't forget co op play is the future!?!?! (wink wink)" NO..Not with ninja gaiden!!! might just ruin the game,not even kidding.. It is a fun idea yes but once you really think about it..Either the game should be MADE for co op..Example Mortal kombat shaolin monks.. Or no co op at all that is a rule for action adventure games.. oh and rpawloski2458 I don't think that GoW3 will affect NG2 that much..I still think NG is better than GoW1 and GoW 2 combined..

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The 360 lineup just keeps getting better and better. There is no arguing that point.

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NG2... too awesome and probably the best action game of the next gen until GoW 3 arrives. I am just as excited to hear some DC games are coming to XBL. We need more!!! How about some Saturn games while we are at it???

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If I buy a 360, it will only be for Ninja Gaiden 2. All the rest comes out for PC... don't need 360 for anything. Nah... I ain't buying, I'll just ask a friend to borrow me :) That way, I spend less money on useless things... LOL

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The ultimate PS3 killer has arrived! X + Y + Y + X + X :D

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I love you Team Ninja. Can't wait to hear about the next Dead or Alive either and see what you guys will do with it graphically on the 360 when not being rushed. Good job MS. Sakaguchi I really hope Lost Odyssey will be worth the wait. MS if you are going to bring some Dreamcast games to XboxLive hit up Sega for Outtrigger, Virtua-ON, etc. or Capcom for Plasma Sword and a few of the other great arcade ports that could be played online. Bring some more real arcade games over.