Nightmare Creatures: The Movie Announced

Kalisto's Nightmare Creatures joins the growing list of video games that are taking the step onto the big screen.


French video game developer Kalisto Entertainment has announced that APG (Artists Production Group, AMG Group) and Le Studio Canal have acquired the rights to develop a feature film based on the Nightmare Creatures franchise, which has sold over 1.5 million copies to date.

Ralph Zondag, whose most prominent works include the directorial credit for Disney's blockbuster Dinosaur, will direct the movie. He is currently shooting Raised By Ghosts for MGM. Matt Cirulnick, who recently completed three major projects for Dimension films - Paid in Full, Total Recall 2, and Hell Hole - will handle the adaptation.

"Nightmare Creatures has a very rich universe, which allows us to explore many things beyond the video game itself," said Nicolas Gaume, president of Kalisto Entertainment. "The opportunity to make this key Kalisto franchise into a movie is extremely exciting."

GameSpot will keep you updated on the movie's progress. Konami published the North American version of Nightmare Creatures II.

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