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Nightingale Guides Hub

Explore the vast and mysterious realms of Nightingale with the help of our guides hub.


The story of Nightingale takes place at a time when society's collapse caused intrepid explorers to search the Faewilds. This leads to countless adventures, as you and your friends create portals that take you to new realms. Our Nightingale guides hub should aid you as you set forth on your journey.

Nightingale guides hub

Our Nightingale guides are divided into several sections. Each one pertains to a particular facet of the game.

General info and basic guides

Estate Cairns and fast travel - Set your home realm and base of operations.

Essence currency - Amass a particular currency so you can repair gear and buy more blueprints.

Food and hunger - Keep eating different kinds of meals so your character can stay alive.

Inventory storage - Learn to manage your inventory. Don't get over-encumbered when you lug around too much loot.

Fishing - Relax a bit and find more resources from the depths.

Crafting, weapon, and item guides

Gems, Ores, Ingots, and Glass - Obtain these minerals from deposits and nodes. They can be used for other craftable items.

Animal Meat and Leather - Slay creatures and use their materials for your crafting and cooking needs.

Weapon upgrades and infusions - Improve the attributes and rarity of your armaments, and grant them boosted effects.

How to increase gear score - Increasing your gear score also allows you to enter Sites of Power.

Guns/firearms and ammo - Use these ranged weapons to eliminate hostiles from afar.

Exploration, realms, and activity guides

Realm Card crafting overview - Create different types of cards and combine them. Doing so lets you visit strange new lands.

Realmic Transmuters - These machines allow you to add various kinds of modifiers to your current world. Some make things easier, while others provide a challenge.

Astrolabe and Provisioner Cards - You're going to need these if you want to progress further in the campaign.

Survivor companion recruitment - Help out NPCs in the places that you visit. If you recruit them, they'll follow you around. You can manage their gear and have them fight your foes.

Bastille Challenges - Complete these activities to earn rewards.

We'll add more articles to our Nightingale guides hub soon, so stay tuned.

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