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Nier Reincarnation Is Nierly Ready For English Release

We're no longer losing hope... in our body or our soul.


Nier Reincarnation--a mobile game set in the Nier and Drakengard universe--has been playable in Japan for several months now, but it looks like the game is almost ready for a Western launch, as well. The game's localization process has been completed, and a pre-registration phase is going to kick off very soon.

The news came via the game's official Twitter account, where director Daichi Matsukawa thanked players for being patient.

"I apologize for the long wait, but we're doing our very best to ensure that everyone will enjoy playing Nier Reincarnation and it would be greatly appreciated if everyone could wait a little longer until the pre-registration announcement," Matsukawa added.

Matsukawa is just one director on the project, with series creator Yoko Taro also contributing to development. Nier Reincarnation will feature a different battle system than the other games, and it makes use of a gacha mechanic. However, it looks to retain the melancholy storytelling Taro is known for, and details on where it fits in the timeline are being kept under wraps for now. Automata takes place thousands of years after one of Nier's endings, meaning there are a whole lot of options for when Reincarnation can be set. Remember that this is a series that itself takes place after an ending in Drakengard that required collecting more than 60 weapons.

In the meantime, you can play the upgraded Nier Replicant on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game retains the story of the original 2010 version but adds in a fifth ending and an additional story thread within the main questline. It also massively overhauls the combat to make it more similar to Nier Automata. Check out our interview with Yoko Taro to learn why he didn't mean to make the games so darn sad.

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