Nier Automata Anime Gets Teaser, Will Descend In January

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The Nier Automata anime only got a very brief teaser when it was announced back in February, but this weekend's Aniplex Online Fest gave us a much better look at the project. It's scheduled to arrive in January 2023, and you can check out the introduction below.

"A helix repeating life and death... we are continually imprisoned within it," 2B says in the teaser. This could be a temporary translation of the Japanese dialogue, as it differs a little bit from the opening line in the video game, but the essence remains.

The footage shows 2B, sword in hand, with her trusty pod companion at her side. Some of the locations and even 2B's actions--such as her dramatic sword swipe--seem to be lifted directly from the game, so we could be looking at a straightforward and accurate anime version.

However, game director Yoko Taro said the title Nier Automata Ver 1.1a was used for the anime because the game is essentially impossible to translate completely to another medium. He added, in Yoko Taro fashion, that he was the one who pushed for changes from his own game's story, rather than the anime staff.

Though it primarily uses a traditional 2D animation style, we also see some 3D shots as a flight unit soars toward the city ruins. Those who played the game will definitely remember this scene, and given its tendency to jump between different genres, such a shift would be fitting for the anime, too.

It remains to be seen (or heard) who will be voicing 9S and 2B in the English dub, but the Japanese version's voice actors, Natsuki Hanae and Yui Ishikawa, are both returning. The English version starred Kyle McCarley and Kira Buckland.

The Nier series has certainly had a strange trajectory, beginning as a spin-off of Drakengard that only got lukewarm reviews and didn't make much of an impact sales-wise. Automata changed all of that, selling more than 6 million copies and re-sparking interest in the first game to the point that it got a re-release as Nier Replicant in 2021. It remains to be seen what a third game will look like, though we've also gotten the mobile Nier Reincarnation as well as Yoko Taro's charming Voice of Cards games while we wait. Nier Automata will also release for Nintendo Switch on October 6.

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