Nicolas Cage Reveals His 5 Favorite Nicolas Cage Movies

Pig was No. 1.


Nicolas Cage has won an Oscar and appeared in more than 100 films throughout this lengthy and prolific career. But what are Cage's favorite Nicolas Cage movies? We finally have the answer.

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Cage listed off his favorites, beginning with 2021's Pig, saying, "My favorite movie I've ever made." The drama stars Cage as man living alone in the wilderness to sets out on a journey to find his lost pig. It was directed by Michael Sarnoski in his directorial debut.

Some of Cage's other favorite Cage movies, in no particular order, included the wild action-horror movie Mandy from producer Elijah Wood, 1999's Bringing Out the Dead from director Martin Scorsese, and 2009's crime drama Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Cage went on to mention another crime drama, 2013's Joe, which also starred Tye Sheridan; and finally Vampire's Kiss as a sixth favorite of his. Cage said this film helped him to explore some of his "abstract dreams" as an actor, and he said his work on this 1988 film helped prepare for the role of Dracula in the new film Renfield.

Colbert, meanwhile, said one of his favorite Cage movies was Face/Off, and Cage agreed that he "liked that one a lot." Cage did not mention the movie he won an Oscar for, 1995's Leaving Las Vegas, for which he was never paid. He also didn't mention the National Treasure series.

Cage's latest film is Renfield, in which he plays Dracula opposite Nicholas Hoult as Renfield. It's in theaters now, though its first-weekend box office figures were not great.

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