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Nicki Minaj Is Now In Call Of Duty With Some Epic Finishing Moves And Voice Lines

"You're dead, bitch."


The Nicki Minaj Operator bundle is now available for purchase in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II, bringing the singer and actress to Call of Duty for the first time.

The bundle includes Minaj as a playable Operator, as well as items themed around her and her favorite color: pink. These items include a special loading screen, the "Nicki Whip" vehicle skin, and "The Baddest" and "Super Freaky" weapon blueprints.

She has a tracer pack, too, which makes bullets look pink. Her finishing moves involving leaping into the air and killing her enemies with her high heels and chopping her foes with a well-placed slam to the neck. Some of her voice lines in the game include, "Trust me, you want this bad bitch on your side" and "You're dead, bitch!"

The Nicki Minaj Operator bundle is available from the Call of Duty Store for 2,400 Call of Duty Points, which is about $20. This is the normal going rate for top-tier Call of Duty Operator bundles.

Activision and Minaj previously worked together on a trailer for 2022's Modern Warfare II. She's not the only rapper in Call of Duty, as Snoop Dogg returned earlier this year and 21 Savage is coming next.

The Nicki Minaj Operator bundle and others will be available in Modern Warfare III when it launches in November.

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