Nick Offerman Recalls His Meeting For A Superhero Movie And What Went Wrong

In addition to Wolverine, the Parks and Rec star had a meeting for another superhero movie--here's the story.


Actor Nick Offerman auditioned for the role of Wolverine many years ago, but the part went to Hugh Jackman. As it turns out, that wasn't the only superhero role that the Parks and Rec star was in the mix for.

Appearing on Rob Lowe's podcast, Offerman said about three or four years ago (so 2016-2017), he had a Skype meeting with a director "for a superhero movie." The production of this film, whatever it was, had some issues, and the director was fired; a crew member replaced him.

Offerman said he knew from the very beginning that there was no chance he would get the role, due in part to how he wasn't exactly in top physical shape, but he tried to sell the director on the idea that he would be the "funny" choice.

"I don't get a lot of meetings for superhero movies," Offerman said. "I knew that this guy wasn't the first choice as director. The director had been fired, and this guy was a crew member who had been promoted to director. So I knew that, going in, there was no way I was getting this job. No way. You know the math."

"The only way I get the job is if the man or woman is a maverick," he added. "Anybody can go to the gym and get ripped. But I will be funnier than any of these other choices. I think the smartest thing you could do is to cast me. It's the kind of thinking that will allow your superhero movie to stand out."

Offerman said the same day that he had the call with the director for his project, he started running for exercise. He now runs 5 or 6 days a week, and 4 miles per day.

There are plenty of possibilities for what movie Offerman might be referring to here, and hopefully one day we learn the true answer.

Offerman recently starred on the miniseries Devs, which we thought was one of the best sci-fi shows on TV.

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