NHL Head-to-Head

Brian Ekberg and Alex Navarro sat down for this special NHL Head-to-Head video feature.


The 2005-2006 NHL season was one of the more rousing comebacks in recent sports memory. The new rule changes proved all naysayers wrong and helped the game far more than it hurt it, and the new collective bargaining agreement helped a number of smaller market teams get back into the thick of things. So it's with much anticipation that we await the 2006-2007 NHL season, and what better way to satiate some of that anticipation than with a good hockey game?

With this year's crop of hockey titles, the competition between 2K Sports' and EA's respective franchises has never been tighter, especially on the Xbox 360, where both publishers seem to have focused their developmental efforts. Both NHL 2K7 and NHL 07 introduce great new positives as well as some annoying negatives, yet ultimately prove to be great games in their own right. However, on a philosophical level, these are very different games of hockey, and players of different mindsets are sure to clash over which one is truly the superior game. To help aid you in your decision on which hockey game is the one for you, Brian Ekberg and Alex Navarro sat down for this special video feature and hashed out all the key details on each title. Is NHL 07's skill stick what you want in a hockey game? Or is it more about 2K7's cinemotion? Watch the video to find out.

As an aside, our decision to focus exclusively on the 360 versions of the game is with good reason. The PC and PSP versions of NHL 07 are uncontested this year, and on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, both 2K7 and 07 feature very little change over last year's games. If you want the best of this year's hockey crop, you'll want to go with the Xbox 360 games. Watch the video and leave us your thoughts with a comment, below.

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