NHL 21 Predicts The Stanley Cup Winner, And It's A Team That Hasn't Won In 20 Years

EA Sports releases the results of its annual simulation that predicts how the season and postseason will play out.


The real-world NHL season begins on Wednesday, January 13, and to celebrate the occasion, EA Sports has released the results of its annual simulation to predict which team will win the Stanley Cup.

According to the results of the NHL 21 simulation, the Colorado Avalanche will win the Stanley Cup this year, defeating the defending champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning, in 7 games. In the real world, the Avalanche have not won the title since the 2000-2001 season.

The simulation also predicted that Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs will be the NHL's top goal-scorer for the season, racking up 39 goals. Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, meanwhile, will be the league's top points-scorer with 83, according to the prediction.

During the playoffs, Nathan MacKinnon of the Avalanche will have a particularly strong showing, picking up 18 goals and 22 assists in 35 games to win the Conn Smyth trophy for being the MVP of the playoffs.

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Head to EA's website to see a full breakdown of the NHL 21 season predictions.

NHL 21 released in October 2020 for PS4 and Xbox One. EA did not release a bespoke version of the sports game for PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it is playable on those machines with some improvements. The franchise's first outing for PS5 and Xbox Series X is expected to be NHL 22, which should release in or around September 2021.

NHL 21 Predictions For 2021-2022 Season

Top 10 Goal Scorers

  1. Auston Matthews - 39 goals
  2. Alexander Ovechkin - 38 goals
  3. Leon Draisaitl - 36 goals
  4. Mika Zibanejad - 35 goals
  5. Nathan MacKinnon -35 goals
  6. Jack Eichel - 33 goals
  7. Steven Stamkos - 33 goals
  8. Connor McDavid - 33 goals
  9. Elias Pettersson - 31 goals
  10. Patrick Kane - 30 goals

Top 10 Point Scorers

  1. Connor McDavid - 83 points
  2. Nathan MacKinnon - 82 points
  3. Auston Matthews - 80 points
  4. Jack Eichel - 78 points
  5. Leon Draisaitl - 77 points
  6. Elias Pettersson - 75 points
  7. Andrei Svechnikov - 75 points
  8. Alexander Ovechkin - 74 points
  9. Artemi Panarin - 74 points
  10. Mika Zibanejad - 72 points

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That bracket gave me some much-needed laughs. The thought of the Leafs getting that far is hilarious.

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This is the year! ...well I have been saying that for the last 20 years.


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