NHL 2004 E3 2003 Preshow Report

EA Sports will be showing the latest game in its hockey series at E3.


NHL 2004

EA Sports has planned a number of improvements for NHL 2004. The manual deking system has been improved, giving you even more control over the puck. There are also new hitting sequences that have been motion-captured from multiple camera angles, creating much more fluid animation than in previous EA Sports NHL games. The fighting system also seems to be a particular focus this year, as the fighting mechanics in NHL 2004 revolve around a grappling system as opposed to a single-button punch system. Situational AI has been implemented so computer opponents will try to anticipate your moves depending on certain circumstances in the game.

NHL 2004 has a dynasty mode option where you can earn experience points to upgrade your facilities, hire new staff, and build a better front office, which ultimately affects the performance level of your team. There are 30 NHL teams, 20 national teams, and 39 international teams, and each league has unique jerseys, logos, and rules. Play-by-play will be provided by Jim Hughson, while color commentary will be provided by Craig Simpson, a two-time Stanley Cup winner.

NHL 2004 is scheduled for release this fall on the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC.

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