NHL 17: Here's Everything We Know About It

The World Cup of Hockey, Draft Champions, and a revamped Be a GM mode make their way to NHL 17.


NHL 17 was announced back in April, and now EA has revealed some of the new modes and systems, such as the World Cup of Hockey, Draft Champions, and a new EASHL Player Rank System.

The World Cup of Hockey makes its EA debut in NHL 17 and will include every team, player, and uniform that will participate in the tournament this fall. Draft Champions, on the other hand, sounds similar to Madden's mode of the same name. You go through rounds of drafting players, then take your team to the ice in the pursuit of the Draft Championship.

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Be a GM has evolved into Franchise Mode, where EA says players will have complete control over things like players, ticket prices, marketing, and relocation--it sounds like a more fleshed out version of NHL 2004's Dynasty Mode. The mode has unique owners, and you'll have to keep them happy if you want to continue working for the team.

Additionally, EA has implemented a new Player Rank System in the online EASHL mode. You'll now be able to earn badges and customization items for your players, team, and arena. Your home arena will start as a bare-bones community rink, but you'll eventually be able to upgrade it into a modern arena with all the bells and whistles.

EA confirmed that both the Visual On-Ice Trainer and Coach Feedback are set to return. The in-depth gameplay customization, which allows you to adjust everything from the rules to the speed of the game, will also be included.

NHL 17's release date has not been confirmed, but if it sticks to the schedule of prior years, you can expect to see it on PS4 and Xbox One in September.

EA is currently holding a vote for this year's NHL cover athlete. It's down to the last two players, Joe Pavelski and Vladimir Tarasenko, and the winner will be revealed on June 22. Find out how you can vote here.

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