NGP Killzone in Sony Cambridge's sights - Report

Little Big Planet PSP studio handling development duties for upcoming Next Generation Portable series installment.


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In the weeks following the official announcement of Sony's Next Generation Portable, the developers for the Uncharted and Resistance NGP titles have surfaced. Now, the team responsible for development of the NGP Killzone title is known…and it's not series developer Guerrilla Games.

From the makers of Little Big Planet for the PSP comes Killzone for the NGP.
From the makers of Little Big Planet for the PSP comes Killzone for the NGP.

In an interview with Gamerzines, Guerrilla Games senior producer Steven Ter Heide said that unlike with the franchise's most recent portable outing Killzone: Liberation, development of the NGP Killzone title will be handled outside of the Dutch developer's offices.

Ter Heide said Sony Cambridge--the studio that brought Little Big Planet PSP to market--will handle development of the unnamed NGP Killzone title.

"We've been working with [Sony Cambridge] very closely for a couple of years now. They've been helping us develop actual Killzone content for all the games," he said.

"We feel like the game is in good hands. We'll still oversee it because the universe is something we've built up. We know the war and the rules that have been established, but they're driving the development."

For more on the franchise's most recent on-the-go outing, check out GameSpot's review of Killzone: Liberation.

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