NFS found in fatal drag-racing car crash

Street-racing teen kills cab driver in Toronto; copy of Need for Speed found in front seat of car, detective says game is not to blame.


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Two young men in Toronto are being held for criminal negligence causing death after one of their cars slammed into a taxi cab, sending the car into a pole and instantly killing the driver, according to Tahir Khan, 46, immigrated to Canada from Pakistan six years ago, and was to become a Canadian citizen tomorrow.

In the front seat of one of the teens' cars, police found a copy of a Need for Speed game, a street-racing game published by Electronic Arts.

The two teens had apparently been racing each other down the road, both in their respective parents' Mercedes-Benzes, at speeds of nearly 90 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per-hour zone. One hit a wall, sending his car into the cab Khan was driving. Alexander Ryazanov, 18, survived the accident with scratches. The other driver, 18-year-old Wang-Piao Dumani Ross, fled the scene but was later apprehended when he attempted to blend into the gathering crowd.

Detective Paul Lobsinger said, "A game is a game. And when you get behind the wheel of a car it's not a game anymore. And when something tragic happens in a huge crash with a lot of smoke, there is no reset button. You can't start over with a new car and a new life."

Khan was described as a "very good guy, honest, and hardworking," by friends, and was supporting his wife and children, who still live in Pakistan.

"There is a small percentage who have difficulty separating reality and simulation, or fantasy. It's a very, very small percentage," Lobsinger told The National Post. "This was not the game's fault. There are millions who play this game and don't go out and do this."

Ryazanov and Dumani Ross face bail hearings on Friday and Monday. If convicted, the two could face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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Oh noes he had need for speed in his car I'll bet he was wearing socks and drinking a soda too, that must be the cause!

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A cookie to Geshpenst for a considerably good point. ^_^ Albeit Jack Thompson was planning to attack EA at that time. (Oh noes)

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I don't get how 2 youngsters racing around can get maximum life sentence, but rapists and murderers dont' !?!?!?!

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Kudos to the detective for not going "zomg video game did it!" like so many others would.

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street racing is a problem all over the world. Even in Denmark we have comunities of street racers in all mayor towns. But they were there before the "games" got popular, so they cant really blame ea and others 4 making streets unsafe. In my opinion they augth to make tracks 4 young and old where they can race their cars if they need to. that woukld take most of it off the streets. greets ger.

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Here is my next question: WHY IS EVERYONE ONLY BLAMING VIDEO GAMES!? WHAT ABOUT MUSIC, TV SHOWS OR MOVIES!? Those can be lethal too and you guys only blame video games!!! Discriminators!!11!!

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LMAO!! THey are blaming a game for this!! XD I mean, if a game is going to control you like that, you shouldn't be playinging them. I play games all the time and I never do anything like this!! JUST LMAO!!!

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Come on dude if your going to race and kill somebody don't have a videogame on you ... it looks bad for us.

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Did you people even read the article? The guy doesn't blame the game and nothing really came out of this....

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I blame EA. Anyways, someone should win a nobel peace prize and have a copy of GTA in his backpocket. Wonder what they would say then, "GTA causes person to win nobel peace prize."

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"wow....what are the odds of two rich dumba**es living in one area.." LOL! Yeah, I get tired of everyone trying the blame video games for every evil in the world. These kids were obviously terrible at racing games. It's still tragic what happened.

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wow....what are the odds of two rich dumba**es living in one area.. I mean cmon,blaming a game for the stupidity of these to morons,thats just wrong. You might aswell blame the inventor of the automobile for making the first car.Cuz if it werent for him,that crash wouldve prolly been like 10km/h seeing as how theyd be racing cariages,powerd by horses

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Well that was dumb..

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The guy just happend to have the game in the car. Coincidence, that's all.

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i only just stumbled upon this now, a couple months shy of a year. as for mrgroot's comment on it not being true... i guess i'll read about you doing something equally stupid in the news. 'cause let's face it, your comment proves your inability to think before you speak; therefore you're just as likely to screw up like these spoiled kids did. i live in toronto, i remember seeing this on tv when it happened. it's real. how about you call up the cab driver's family and tell them what you think? such a moron. as for the others flaming about it blaming games... didn't you read the detectives comment? they're NOT blaming the game. i agree with TongLong and how CTV tried to make a mountain out of a molehill. the game was there in the car, but it could've just as easily have been a rented copy of family guy, or a gun. it didn't make them race down mt pleasant ave like that. friggin stupid.

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The teens were stupid, but they survived. This sucks crap for the taxi driver.

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All that from a game

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the reason why they died in the fatal crash, they didnt take advices from that lady in the intro of the game .

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Woohoo! Duh :D

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Straight and simple... People do stupid things all the time. They're getting exactally what they deserve when something goes wrong.

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.....Okay, do these teens have actually any common sense at all? I'm embarassed to be younger then these two (15) and find out there's idiots like this. What on earth did their parents let them lend their Mercedes-Benzes for in the first place? Maybe if they weren't on their own income but the parents must've been at least a bit suspicious. And if it was 90mph in a 30mph zone, SOMEONE is going to get at least hurt if you're that reckless. Honestly, these guys deserve whatever they get. And, HALLELUJAH! A person on the side of the law who thinks video games are not to blame. Thank you Detective, you are on my Heroes Hall of Fame.

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Dude,i mean DUDE.what theirs problem out there,doing some 90mille/hour racing in a 30mille/hour least go in a feild where there no one cheking on you.seriously DUDE.i have no word for this act of stupidity and their lac of mind.

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actually stewie, jaefrmbk2k is the only one blaming god with 3 post, he's trying to start idiotic religious fights that have nothing to do with this news and should be banned for it. On note of the article, condolences go out to the victims family's, and too the stupid kids street racing...there are places to go to LEGALY drag race, and it's not in the back of an alley! I think while they're in jail they should be working for money that gets sent to the family since they killed the only man providing support for them.

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All of you people who are blaming God for this shouldn't. We all are going to die, and that man is definately happier in Heaven than down here on Earth.

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Okay, so then how does a story about two, spoiled mama's boys racing their parents' Mercedes Benzes and in their negligence tragically killing an innocent bystander have ANYTHING to do with video games? Would the police have blamed Mad Magazine if they found one of them on the seat of the car? Shame on CTV for sensationalizing the death of an innocent man and childishly attempting to pin his death on a VIDEO GAME...

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You know what? Sure it's a very sad thing to happen, but people die everyday. Every thirty seconds someone commits suicide. But think about it, if you are going to race your parent's Mercedes-Benze like an incompetant jackass, and then kill someone, you deserve to get stuffed like a christmas turkey in prison. And if you get offended by my opinion, who cares? It's called freedom of speech and considering this is all text, it's not considered slander either.

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There's should be a law for stupid ppl, & they should be punish severely :P

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I'm sorry, but I don't believe this story is real. I mean, COME ON, the game was sitting on the front seat? Didn't the car hit something? Wouldn't that throw a copy of NFS onto the floor, or did someone place it there after the "crash"? This comically written drivel sounds like some executive wanted to create buzz for his product but can't figure out how to get the attention Rockstar can.

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By the same token, maybe we should start blaming movies like Rebel Without a Cause (Chicken anyone?) - made long before most of these politicians trying to pass anti-game legislation were even born.

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supposedly they goto st. andrew's college; very very expensive and very rich

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Couldnt you say its the movie 'the fast and the furious' fault? That movie inspired all of the current street racing games. Still, I feel sorry for the man's family, those 2 kids represent the bad people in a good community.

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As much as I don't like to sound like I'm a million years old. I have to say that I personally hate the MidnightClub / NFS games because of the street raceing. I realize you can't blame a game for what someone does but people have to admit that the stupid can be more influenced by what they see and hear. Where I live 90% of the population simply cannot or should not drive due to general stupidity. They are absolutely the worst drivers on earth but get them infront of a video game and all of a sudden they think they are Dale Earnheart and suddenly thier Ford Neon becomes a Ferrari. Whats worse is the stupid person is normally too stupid to become injured in the accidents they cause. Thick skull and no brains, that sort of thing. I'm not sure if an "Idiot Tax" on games like NFS and GTA isnt such a bad idea. That way at least the game companies can hold on to thier profits and the government can pay for thier stupid people problem. Street Raceing is stupid and dangerous, Like that little bia Mia says, keep your raceing in the game. Your not cool and your Ford Neon is really not cool. If you think you are cool you very well could be one of the stupid people I'm talking about.

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this is wrong these days its video games fault that killings happen. well i got news, video games arent to blame at all. its the people who play them. i own a few games almost all are m rated, but im 16. so why dont u read about me in the news, because im not @#$& stupid enough to do idiodic things. games arent to blame, its the people who play the games and do the things that are in the game. games are there to entertain, not make us do the stuff they show us in the game. long story short, dont even try to do the things u see on tv. u might regret it

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Did they find any comic books? Maybe he had rock-n-roll on the radio and was heading somewhere to play D&D...

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What would the reaction be if the two drivers had BIBLES in the front seat instead? Would people be screaming that the BIBLE made them do it?

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Sucks one of the drivers didn't die. Instead it was a working man in the wrong place. Sad news.

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See, Canada has a game scandal and they blame the person but in america when someone blames a game......

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Its horrible but we should rejoice that for one THE LAW RECOGNIZES THAT A GAME IS A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i think if there is any type of trial is going to be just like phonix wright ace attorney... umm... damn i am one of those small percentages that cant seperate reality from games...

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i'm glad that some one with authority finally sees that games are not to blame for peoples stupidity. but i still feel bad for the cab drivers family.

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BTW, the detective may have denied a link between NFS and the accident, but why did he have to mention it at all?

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I just have to add this: anyone see "Fight Club?" Remember that car with the cigarette in it? Yeah. "Fat burned to the back of the seat. Cigarette in the cup holder. Make a great anti-smoking ad." Forgive me, but NFS seems as irrelevant to accidents as cigarettes.

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sick people.get a life

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Man, sucks really, a man was just trying to feed his family in Pakistan, he's working here, in Canada, I feel real sorry for the family of the man who died in the crash. Advice to world: Keep the speeding in the Video Game World, cause there's no restarts, no extra lives, no continues, you die, you die, that's it

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Sounds like these kids were pretty thick headed even before they ever played a Need for Speed game. It won't suprise me in the least to hear about some crazy lawsuit against EA over this, regardless.

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this kind of news happens all over the country. Hey gamespot, lets stick to reporting gaming news and not what brain-dead teens are doing in their parents cars...ok

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I'm preparing now for what the media and mr. thompson is going to say.

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i blame God