NFL's George Kittle Gets A Master Chief Tattoo

One of the best players in the NFL is also a big-time Halo fan, and now he has the ink to prove it.


Standout NFL player George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers is a big fan of Halo. He enjoys the sci-fi series so much that he recently got a nice-looking Master Chief tattoo on his arm.

Thankfully, Kittle documented the experience and you can check out his video below. Note that Kittle says he is partnered with Xbox, so this is a promotional video and you can likely expect more Halo-branded content from the tight end in the lead up to Halo Infinite's release this year.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer responded to Kittle's video, saying he's willing to cheer on this video even though Kittle plays for a rival team because "everyone is welcome on Xbox."

"We've always said that gaming is a great unifier…even with most of Team Xbox in Seahawks territory, everyone is welcome on Xbox," Spencer said, referencing the Seattle Seahawks that are the home team in Microsoft's city.

Kittle responded to Spencer's tweet with another joke about how he believes Master Chief is actually a 49ers fan.

Kittle was drafted by the 49ers in 2017. He has gone on to perform well on the team, earning a spot in the Pro Bowl twice. He had a particularly successful 2018 season where he tallied 1,377 receiving yards to set a new single-season record for a tight end.

With a 98 OVR rating, Kittle is the highest-rated tight end in Madden NFL 21 and among the highest-rated players in the game overall.

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