NFL Sunday Ticket punched for PS3

DirecTV offering season-long streaming service of full HD football season to console owners for $340; existing subscribers can add PS3 access for $50.


Sony is padding out its roster of streaming sports services on the PlayStation 3. The console already lets users enjoy their MLB.TV and NHL GameCenter subscriptions through the PlayStation Network, and Sony today revealed it is adding NFL football to the options with NFL Sunday Ticket.

Rushing to a PS3 near you.
Rushing to a PS3 near you.

Through a partnership with exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket provider DirecTV, gamers who don't have the satellite cable service can still get access to every out-of-market NFL game each Sunday all season long. That adds up to as many as 14 games each week, all of them broadcast in 1080p high-definition, with the short-attention-span-enabling Red Zone Channel (which flips back and forth to whichever games are the most interesting) thrown in as well.

While all of the premium sports services carry a premium, NFL Sunday Ticket's is a bit steeper than the rest. The PS3 service will cost $340 for the full season, compared to $180 for the NHL service and up to $120 for the MLB's premium subscription. Existing DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers can also enable the ability to access the service through the PS3 for $50.

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