NFL Quarterback Club 2001 Preview


NFL QB Club 2001

NFL Quarterback Club 2000 was a sore disappointment, truly plummeting the franchise, especially considering the '99 version, which fairly good. What happened, Iguana? Well, they're back at it. NFL Quarterback Club, with the predictability of Christmas, is coming around again this year, in its 2001 incarnation. While fans of the series who may have been disappointed with framerate and other issues in last year's version might shudder to think of it, the second line on the press release is, "Game speed maximized for the Sega Dreamcast."

That certainly helps Dreamcast owners feel better, but N64 owners might want to consider the other items on the list of features, including five play modes: Tournament, Season, Exhibition, Pro Bowl and Playoffs; complete team management from drafting to releasing and everything in between; improved graphics, including facial animations and features; AI to simulate NFL play; 31 pre-made playbooks or the option to create your own; and the ability to create players and teams, while watching their progress or their bad luck affect the season.

On the aesthetic side, Mike Patrick and Randy Cross are on play-by-play and color commentary, your instant replays will be savable, you'll be able to watch memorable moments in the past 34 Super Bowls, and you'll be given an Ooomph control that will allow you to bust through other players on the field.

Not a lot is known about the actual gameplay at this point, but we'll have more very soon. For now, check out the screenshots of both the N64 and the Dreamcast versions.

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