NFL 2K2 ships for the PS2

Sega ships a revamped NFL 2K2 for the PlayStation 2.


Sega Sports has announced the release of NFL 2K2 for the Sony PlayStation 2, marking the first time that a Sega Sports product has been released on a non-Sega console. The PS2 version of the game features a variety of enhancements, including improved quarterback AI, detailed facial textures and animations, a TV-style presentation that includes the use of a telestrator, more realistic tackle animations, and generally enhanced graphics.

"The launch of Sega Sports NFL 2K2 on the PlayStation 2 marks a major step for Sega toward our goal of becoming the leading third-party publisher worldwide," said Chris Gilbert, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Sega of America. "The NFL 2K franchise has set many standards in the industry for realism and quality of gameplay, and it has been a top seller for Sega on the Dreamcast. We're excited to bring this franchise to the PlayStation 2 and introduce Sega Sports to an expanded, multiplatform audience for the first time."

"Our development team has been able to harness the power of the PlayStation 2 system to develop a game that is not only incredibly rich in graphical detail, but also provides the gamer with significantly enhanced gameplay, and features," said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts. "From the lifelike animated faces of the players to the new gameplay animations on the field, Sega Sports NFL 2K2 has the moves, look, and feel of the NFL like no other football video game."

NFL 2K2 is also in development for the Microsoft Xbox. That version will be released by year's end.

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