NFL 2K1 LAN Support?

Sega's football sequel could support both narrowband and broadband play over SegaNet.


Sega of America may decide to include LAN support for NFL 2K1 for the Dreamcast. Industry sources recently told GameSpot that SOA and the game's developer, Visual Concepts, are considering the feature, which would allow players to connect to cable access lines for high-speed broadband gaming using the Dreamcast LAN adapter. When contacted for comment, a Sega of America representative told GameSpot, "[LAN support for NFL 2K1] is still being decided. Most likely no, though."

Providing LAN support for NFL 2K1 will be beneficial to those with cable access, but detrimental to those playing on the standard Dreamcast 56k modem. Because different players could then use different modems and connections, it could exasperate problems with lag on SegaNet. GameSpot will bring you further details if and when an official confirmation is made on the subject.

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