Nexuiz Impressions - First Look

We take a first look at this revitalized arena shooter that will make its way to Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network later this year.


The 2010 Game Developers Conference is over, but we still have coverage of games shown at the event, such as Nexuiz (pronounced "Nexy-wiz"), a formerly freeware PC shooter built on the Quake 1 engine that has been revitalized by a small independent team to be a multiplayer online console shooter for later this year.

Nexuiz was a freeware PC shooter that's being updated for online console play.
Nexuiz was a freeware PC shooter that's being updated for online console play.

Nexuiz is an arena shooter of the style of the original Quake and Unreal Tournament multiplayer games. Like those games, it takes place on various maps that have weapons, health, and armor power-up items that regularly spawn in at certain points. The idea in these shooters is, of course, to frag everyone that isn't you while taking "control" of the spawns of important weapons and items to make sure you nab all the best guns and armor before someone else can pick them up. However, Nexuiz is not currently planned to be a free-for-all Deathmatch game but, rather, a team-based game. It's planned to ship with team-based versions of the classic multiplayer modes you might expect from a game like this, namely Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch.

Along with blasting your enemies to bits in the game's various levels, Nexuiz will offer Unreal Tournament-style "mutators" that can affect either your own character's abilities or the physics of the entire match. You'll gain access to mutators in the game when you do extremely well in the match. Some combination of three different mutators will randomly appear onscreen for you, and you can pick only one. The team plans to release a great many of these mutators, such as health regeneration, low gravity, instagib, and many others with the game. The team may also release others along with maps as part of downloadable content updates at a later time. In addition, the team currently plans to implement "silver points," which are minor bonuses, such as small health bonuses (+5 to your maximum, for instance) that you can gain over time and will be persistent to your character but nothing that will really unbalance the playing field. Instead, the game will be all about organized multiplayer and will offer a full ladder system and clan support. It will also offer an in-depth stat system that will track not only your kills, but also many other detailed facts, such as how often you've died in battle, how many headshots you've picked up, and the like.

Nexuiz has been in development for about two-and-a-half months and will be released this summer on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

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