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Next Terminator Game Challenges You To Survive After Judgment Day

Terminator: Survivors launches in early access for PC in October.


Nacon has announced Terminator: Survivors, a new open-world survival game coming later this year. Set several years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, you'll take control of a band of survivors in a world ruined by the nuclear armageddon and ruled by Skynet. John Conner hasn't formed a human resistance yet to fight back against the machines and you'll be exploring the post-apocalyptic world while dealing with the threats of this dangerous new world.

Nacon Milan says that Terminator: Survivors will have a complex story based on the first two films in the franchise, as you slowly learn about Skynet and its new line of human-hunting Terminators.

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These are still early days in an alternate branch of the Terminator timeline and there'll be a completely original story to explore as you learn about the beginnings of John Conner's resistance. Nacon Milan says you'll scavenge for items to help you survive and improve on your home base, and you can expect to meet a few familiar faces in your expeditions.

As a first-person game, you can also expect to fight against fellow humans and machines in co-op or solo. Terminator: Survivors is scheduled to launch in early access on Steam in October 2024.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the franchise, and for something a little different, a Terminator real-time strategy game has just launched. Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance follows the war between humanity and the machine armies as you command the Founders, Movement, and Legion factions in large-scale battles.

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