Next Street Fighter 5 DLC Character Revealed With Gameplay Trailer

Kolin joins the roster.


Right on schedule, Capcom announced the next Street Fighter V DLC character today.

Kolin will join the PS4 and PC fighting game's roster on February 28, the publisher confirmed in a trailer featuring a new Lupe Fiasco song, "It's Not Design." Check it out in the video embed above.

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Kolin made her Street Fighter debut in Street Fighter III. "Kolin works behind the scenes in order to fulfill the Prophecy of Miraha and stop any who dare stand in Gill's way," reads a line from Capcom's description of her. "She is typically calm and collected, but can suddenly fly into a rage when anybody threatens Gill and his plans. Spoiler-alert, she resurrects Nash and uses him as a pawn too, showing she will do anything to achieve her goals."

Kolin uses the power of ice, which allows her fight with "deadly icicles" and "frigid blasts." Additionally, she makes use of the Russian martial art of Systema, which is all about using an opponent's momentum against them.

"She is often heard speaking condescendingly towards her opponents, knowing they don't stand a chance before her, let alone Gill," Capcom said.

Kolin's story, premium battle, and nostalgia costumes will also be available on February 28. You can see the costumes in the image gallery below.

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Kolin is included with the Street Fighter V Season 2 Character pass, which sells for $30 / €30 / £25. This pass includes the first Season 2 DLC character, Akuma, as well as Kolin and four more coming later.

You may not have to wait until February 28 to play Kolin, as she'll be playable at launch party for Lupe Fiasco's new Droga's Light on February 15 in San Francisco.

In addition to new characters, Capcom said today it will continue to tweak Street Fighter V's balance. "We can confirm additional changes are in the works to bring characters in-line with how we envision them to perform," the developer said. "We can't share all of the details quite yet, but we are anticipating an announcement early March."

Here are some animated GIFs that Capcom created that show off her V-Skill, V-Trigger, and Critical Art:

V-Skill: Inside Slash

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V-Trigger: Diamond Dust

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Critical Art: Frost Tower

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