Next Star Wars game is free-to-play and channels Rogue Squadron

Disney Interactive reveals Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, a PC space-combat game that will allow vehicle customization.

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Disney Interactive revealed the next game in the Star Wars universe today -- Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. According to a press release, the game will be a "free-to-play, open web, space combat game."

Based on screenshots and video released with the announcement, Attack Squadrons bears a strong resemblance to the Nintendo 64 Rogue Squadron series. And like the games in that series, you'll be able to pilot classic Star Wars ships such as the X-Wing or TIE Interceptor. However, Attack Squadrons will allow players to "customize and tune" their ships to some extent.

Multiplayer battles, rather than missions, make up the game's core. Dogfights in Attack Squadrons involve up to 16 players and take place in "iconic Star Wars locations."

Attack Squadrons is being developed by first-time developer Area 52 Games. If you're interested in checking out the work in development, you can sign up for the beta on the game's official website. Invites are set to go out sometime in 2014.

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