Next Star Trek Film To Be Directed By A Woman In Franchise First

Trek 4 will boldly go where the series hasn't gone before.


The next Star Trek film will be helmed by a woman for the first time in the franchise's 50 year history. Variety reports that S.J. Clarkson (Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones) has been tapped to direct the film from Paramount. This will be the fourth of the new Treks following the timeline from the 2009 J.J. Abrams reboot.

Plot details are thin for the time being, but Paramount announced in 2016 that the fourth movie would feature Chris Hemsworth, reprising his role as George Kirk. That could mean another time travel plotline is in the works, letting the more famous Captain James T. Kirk finally meet his long-lost doomed dad. Zachary Quinto is also said to be returning as Spock.

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This is actually one of two Star Trek films currently in development. The second, which is said to be coming after Clarkson's Trek 4, was in development from J.J. Abrams and Quentin Tarantino. However, recent comments from Simon Pegg implied that Tarantino doesn't have room in his schedule, so that one may have hit a snag.

For a Trek fix that's likely coming a bit sooner than either film, Star Trek Discovery has started production on its second season. It doesn't have a premiere date set, but once it does it will air on CBS All Access in the states and on Netflix everywhere else.

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