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Next slate of Wii TurboGrafx-16 games revealed

Bloody Wolf, China Warrior, Dead Moon, and JJ & Jeff headed for Virtual Console in the next month.


Hudson is giving Wii owners a heads up on the next batch of TurboGrafx-16 games set for release on the Virtual Console, as the company has updated its coming-soon list with releases through June. Next month will see the release of Bloody Wolf, Dead Moon, and China Warrior on the Virtual Console.

Originally developed by Data East and released for the TurboGrafx-16 in 1990, Bloody Wolf is a run-and-gun shooter featuring two commandos--Snake and Eagle--infiltrating an enemy base to free a presidential candidate and hostages. Natsume's Dead Moon is a side-scrolling shooter released for the system in 1992 that features scrolling backgrounds and a variety of offensive and defensive power-up configurations.

China Warrior is a side-scrolling fighting game in a similar vein as Irem's Kung Fu, albeit with much larger character sprites. Released in 1989, the game has players fighting an array of robed enemies and bosses as well as dodging oncoming hazards like fireballs, bats, boulders, and knives.

World Sports Competition, previously announced for a May release, has been pushed to June, but Hudson has set another game for release in its place this coming Monday. That game is JJ & Jeff, a side-scrolling comic-action game from 1990 that follows two hapless detectives as they try to rescue a kidnapped businessman.

Keeping with the standard Virtual Console pricing conventions, all five games will sell for 600 Wii points ($6).

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