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Next Sea Of Thieves Update Will Let You Dress Your Pet Up Like A Banana

Sea of Thieves finally adds banana outfits for your pets in Heart of Fire update.


On the wake of Sea of Thieves’ second anniversary, Rare is pumping out the next major update to the multiplayer pirate adventure, and it's called Heart of Fire. The update is feature-packed, adding more story elements to the game, along with new banana themed cosmetics for your pets and weapons.

The details of the new Tall Tale quest are being kept secret, but we know that the story will continue the tale of Sir Arthur Pendragon from the Seabound Soul update. The video showcases some new firetraps, which seem to set off a wall of fire cascading from above, blocking players off from certain routes. The developers also mentioned that the firetraps can’t kill you in one hit, thankfully.

A new throwable explosive called the Blunderbomb has been added as well, with the primary purpose of knocking back enemies in tight situations. It can also be used against players, knocking them off ladders, off the side of the boat, or even away from the wheel, rigging, or capstan."

They're so appealing!
They're so appealing!

Most importantly, banana outfits have been added for your pets, as well as a number of premium banana-themed weapons. These are available in the Pirate Emporium. This fruit-based update is in celebration of the ‘Cronch” fruit featured in Sea of Thieves.

Chest of Rage, the previous update, has been changed so now the chests can be found washed up on island shores in addition to the fortress, making them more accessible for newer players. The Merchant Alliance will now also accept ammo crates at all outposts. Ships will now spawn with two Blunderbombs, two Fire Bombs, and two Chain Shots after this update.

Heart of Fire releases on March 11 on Windows 10 for PC and Xbox One. The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Edition is currently on sale for $25 on Xbox One.

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