Next Resident Evil movie will "definitely" be available in 3D

Director Paul W.S. Anderson says he's just now starting to write Resident Evil 6, wants to again work with Chinese actress Bingbing Li for the film.

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The next Resident Evil movie from director Paul W.S. Anderson will "definitely" be available in theaters in 3D, the series director said at the Beijing International Film Festival this weekend.

As reported by China's CCTV, Anderson said 3D technology has now "become the fabric" rather than just a special effect, in filmmaking. 2010's Resident Evil: Afterlife was the first in the series to be released in 3D. Follow-up Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) was also released in 3D.

Also during the Beijing International Film Festival, Anderson said he's only just started writing the next Resident Evil movie and explained that he would like to work with Bingbing Li for the new film. Li played Ada Wong in Retribution.

The next Resident Evil movie, which will be the sixth to date, is scheduled to be released sometime in 2015. Actress Milla Jovovich will reprise her role of Alice for the film.

Resident Evil: Retribution had an estimated budget of $65 million and made over $240 million in theaters. The latest entry in the video game series was 2012's Resident Evil 6. A seventh installment in the core series is reportedly in development, but that's not been confirmed.

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