Next Resident Evil Movie Is Really the Last One, Actress Says

"I know it is."


More evidence has emerged to suggest that Paul W.S. Anderson's upcoming sixth Resident Evil movie, called The Final Chapter, is indeed the last entry in the long-running film series.

Asked by IGN if the movie would really be the last chapter in the series, actress Ali Larter--who plays Claire Redfield in the series--gave a straight response.

"I know it is," she said.

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Larter didn't sound too bummed that the series is coming to an end, however.

"How many movies have this kind of fanbase and get to be made six times?" she said. "I think that's extraordinary. It's a total testament to [Alice actress] Milla [Jovovich] and Paul. I'm so grateful to them, that they chose me to be a part of it halfway through, and they've kept me along for the ride. I love that it's not seven men and one woman. I mean, these are two women, and they're not competing with each other. You know, there are such easy clichés these two could fall into, but this is definitely a female power movie."

Larter wouldn't give any details about The Final Chapter's plot ("I am held to secrecy," she said), but she called the script "amazing."

"They're really wrapping up the whole series, so that just makes it a little more poignant," she explained. "To be able to come back and reprise my role as Claire and my relationship with Alice, with Umbrella Corp.-- you know, I'm excited to get back in it. I think the fans are just going to be beyond excited."

The Final Chapter, or whatever it ends up being called, will open in theaters on January 27, 2017. This is somewhat later than expected, as Jovovich, who is Anderson's wife, had a baby earlier this year, which caused a delay in the movie's production.

The latest film, 2012's Resident Evil: Retribution, made more than $240 million worldwide.

As for games, Resident Evil 7 is reportedly in development, and we recently learned that Capcom had started development on Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 2 remakes as part of its wider business strategy of releasing more HD remasters.

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