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Next Resident Evil film in 3D - Report

Paul W.S. Anderson tells horror film site that he will use Avatar camera system for first installment in a new zombie trilogy.


Like one of the brain-slurping zombies that populate his Resident Evil film adaptations, director Paul W.S. Anderson wants more. According to a Comic-Con report on horror film site, Anderson has confirmed that he will write and direct a 3D fourth entry in the series, and that the project would be the first in a new three-film arc.

Now picture that amazing tent scene...IN 3D!
Now picture that amazing tent scene...IN 3D!

"I wanted to kick off a brand new trilogy," Anderson told the site. "I'm really excited we're doing it [in 3D], and we're using the same camera system [James] Cameron used for Avatar. There are a lot of exciting things about this one. I don't regard it as Resident Evil 4; I regard it as a retooling and rebirth of the entire franchise."

The film will be called Resident Evil: Afterlife and will once again see Milla Jovovich star as gun-toting heroine Alice. reports the film is expected to open September 17, 2010, and will feature new characters pulled from the game series.

Resident Evil: Afterlife was originally the name of the third film in the series, which was eventually released as Resident Evil: Extinction. Even before shooting began on Extinction, a fourth film in the series had been planned. That project was to be set in Tokyo and filmed on location.

It's been a newsworthy Comic-Con for Anderson fans. Yesterday, James Wan, who cowrote and directed Lionsgate's horror film Saw, told a different horror film site that he would be cowriting and directing the Castlevania film Anderson is producing.

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