Next PS2-on-PS4 Game Arrives, 5 More Reportedly Rated

PS2 launch title FantaVision makes its debut on PS4 for $10.


The PlayStation 2 Classics library on PlayStation 4 continues to expand. The latest addition, PS2 launch title FantaVision, was released this week with the PlayStation Store refresh. It normally costs $10, but PlayStation Plus members can pick it up right now for $7.50.

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With FantaVision's arrival, the PS2 Classics library on PS4 now stands at 10 games. It launched with eight earlier this month, while PaRappa the Rapper 2 became the ninth game in the lineup last week.

More are coming in the future. While Sony has not announced a roadmap of what games are on the way and when they'll arrive, listings from the ESRB may have revealed what's coming next. The ESRB already rated Max Payne for PS4, suggesting Rockstar's game is coming to the program, while five more PS2 titles were reportedly recently rated for the new machine.

According to reports from GamesRadar and GameZone, the games listed below were rated this month for PS4, though these filings no longer appear to be available on the ESRB's website.

Earlier this month, PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida said Sony will work "tirelessly" to release even more PS2 games for PS4 "on a regular basis." The company is also asking for your suggestions for which games should be added.

On the subject of price points for the PS2-on-PS4 games, Yoshida said the emulation technology that makes it possible, among other things, doesn't necessarily come cheap. That's why Sony is charging $10-$15 for games you might already own.

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Dark alliance 2, dark cloud 2, the warriors.

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@siddro: don't forget champions of norrath

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@rarerichz: I'm really disappointed with ps2 bc was sooo hoping for ps3 bc hopefully they don't Just give us trophy support and call it a day ms allows 360 games to have acheivements to be recorded shared and broadcasted on twitch with disc support for already owned games cmon sony stop milking the goodwill of us gamers and get praised based on the merits of your product rather than plain fanboyism when ms screwed up the response was swift and immediate and they've been on fire since so no more free passes sony you need a nice kick in the balls too.

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I want a PortSystem4 to play my PS2 and PS3 games. I don't get it. - Keep your old system or buy a it used. How far back do we go for next gen....

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i wanna see dragon quest 8, smt nocturne, digital devil saga 1 & 2, persona 3 fes and 4, gundam encounters in space, shadow hearts 1, 2, 3, star ocean 3, silent hill 2, 3.

And lose the trophies and charge less.

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@Amuro_Rei: Star Ocean 3 only if they bother to fix all the bugs in that game its pretty much still unplayable to this day.

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Hooray for Okage!!!

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I'm ready for Ape Escape and Max Payne. Currently playing GTA 3 and enjoying the hell out of it. Getting to play PS2 games on your PS4 with a dualshock 4 and at 1080p is worth the price

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@damon_baird: I think its worth the price as well. Most of the games are probably 5 bucks on PS2. For 10 more bucks you get trophies, upgraded graphics, and the convenience of having it on one place where you game more often. I might just buy San Andreas and Vice City this coming weekend!

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@damon_baird: Really isn't lol

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No one is asking for this I'm almost positive. :) I want The Bouncer now !!!!!

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Spider-Man 2

Onimusha 1-4

Ace Combat 4-5

Star Ocean 3

Burnout 3-Revenge

Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Tekken Tag Tournament

Prince of Persia Trilogy (PC version)

Silent Hill 2-3 (PC version)

Seriously, this is the best you got right now? Not to mention they are cost more than they needed to be. Really? Just because you made it prettier and added unnecessary trophies? They only need to be 1.99$ - 7.99$. Not 10$ or more.

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@90wushuman: Tekken Tag was such a good game. I was unbeatable by anyone in the gaming scene in my town at the time except for my buddy, who was equally good. Our team battles would last forever and were always super epic.

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@90wushuman: Like they's not cheap to upgrade these games. Also, if $10-$15 is considered expensive to you.....then you have no business gaming at all.

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@Kuhlio13: I find that statement questionable. Many PC emulators can drastically improve the graphic fidelity of games at no extra cost.

Given that these games are over a decade old, value really is a concern. It's not a cheap pass time.

To imply that someone shouldn't play games because they're not comfortable with buying them (or in many cases, re-buying them) at a higher than expected price seems a bit silly to me.

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@Kuhlio13: And yet, Both Microsoft and Nintendo are offering backward compatibility for free. And even now with their increase in sales they still don't have players pay for games they previously owned on the last gen console. The PS4 is selling like hot cup cakes and what they are doing on games that came out TWO generations ago is increase the resolution a bit and added trophies which didn't really need to in the first place. There really isn't much of a difference with these versions.

This is not warranted enough to even increase the price of these very old games. So no, this IS cheap, especially from Sony. I'm sorry that I don't want to pay 10$-15$ for games that came out a decade or more ago. Games that on the PS2 now cost 6.00$ on Ebay/Amazon. So because I can see better deals than this, I shouldn't be gaming anymore? Even though I can buy Uncharted 1-3 all together with those 15$ at Gamestop, or Vanquish, Ninja Gaiden Sigma II, MGR, Kingdom Hearts 1.5, DMC HD collection, Prototype 2, Last of Us, etc.

Now I WOULD pay for it if the added new content: skins, weapons, characters, cutscenes, story modes, mods, cheats, challenges, etc similar to Kingdom Hearts Remix (which was ONLY in Japan til now), but they didn't do that.

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@90wushuman: I don't want to defend Sony here, but to be fair, neither Xbox or Nintendo are offering two generations back of free-backwards compatibility, in fact I know for a fact Nintendo keeps reselling old games digitally on their new systems.

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@jasonredemption: My point is while Microsoft and Nintendo are offering backwards compatibility for games LAST gen for free (selected or not, still free) on current systems, Sony with it's current system is ONLY making us pay for games that are TWO generations ago, a decade or more ago. And to remind everyone, on a system that is selling like hot cakes.

Now I get it, this is NOT backwards compatibility. I understand that now. But can they with such a very financial successful console at least, AT LEAST have these games cost around 1.99 - 7.99 which would make a much better deal, would actually sell much more, and compete with Microsoft's practice that are surprisingly getting better? NOPE, they instead made these games cost more than they need to be. Making it harder to decided rather to buy a 20$ PSN card for ONE very old game or get food instead. Which I wouldn't mind getting the old game with that price if they added more content just like Resident Evil HD, and Kingdom Hearts Remix to warrant the price increase. But they didn't do that.

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@90wushuman: These games are being upgraded to 1080p and 60fps. Also, they are getting trophy support. It's not the same as buying an old game for an old system. Trying to compare the two is asinine. Whatever though. You do what you want, but the fact is....the games are still cheap. You're just a cheap @ss.

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@Kuhlio13: I'm not cheap. I have enough money to buy a PS4 right now. I just value my money more. In fact, I got Jak II-3 that are about 7.99 each on PSN (no discount), both in 720p, has trophies, and in 60fps.

While the games here are not in 60fps.

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@90wushuman: Well, I know some of them they are making 60fps. Maybe not all of them, but still. Anyway, to each their own. I myself, will be happy to buy PS2 games for my PS4. There's only a few I liked anyway.

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Final Fantasy XII

Friends Trivia

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Escape From Monkey Island

Silent Hill 2

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Okay Sony, play time's over, here's the games I want, for starters:

-Dragon Quest VIII

-Dark Cloud 2

-Final Fantasy XII

-Jade Cocoon 2

-Persona 3: FES

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Yet no one moans or backlash the ps2 and one games have been avalible on the ps3 store for how many years. I got need for speed most wanted ps2, theme park, hospital, driver and all the final fantasys for the ps one on the ps3. How dare they extend this on the ps4.

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@Flyin3lvl: Because on the PS3 (especially if you have an early model like me), if you have the actual game disc for any PS1 or PS2 game, you can play it. The digital version is there if you want to play it, but don't want to bother hunting down a copy... And in the case of games that are very highly priced in the used market (like Klonoa for PS1), the digital version is actually favorable to paying $70-80 for an original copy.

What Sony is saying here is: " Screw you if you already have the game - you're gonna have to pay for it if you want to play it on your PS4". Let's face it - instead of building a straight up PS2 emulator, they are it as a cash grab to turn that emulator into a cash grab machine opportunity, The scaling is nonsense - they just added trophies to justify charging us for the games, without the option of acquiring it if we already have a copy, like Microsoft did. Speaking of which, it came up recently that the Emulation team would LOVE to do Xbox compatibility as well on the One. Unfortunately, they have a small team, so the Xbox 360 support needs to be their top priority.

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Believe it or not, but people over in the Xbox camp are actually asking Phil for the option to BUY the BC games on the X1.

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my ps2 runs ps2 and ps1 games just fine and it connects with ps2 and ps1 controllers just fine, all without a single update or patch or fix or Internet connection.

next gen - the biggest scam of DLC and microtransactions ever. Hat off, congrats on all the lambs connecting their credit cards to microsoft and Sony, well played.

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@hotwog21: My PS2 DOES NOT run games "just fine". Anything PS1 or double layered doesn't run well.

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@Barighm: not sure if you srs, might wanna check ur lazer, oh and how was ur 20 destiny update? hope your enjoying grinding for xp just to feel like your getting somewhere within a game "next gen" :) and the best part u didnt defend next gen, u just took a swipe at retro and me :) says a lot :) nuff said

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@Barighm: Bullshit, you just took crappy care of your console or disk. I still have version 1 of the PS2 and I still am able to play all of my PS2 game and able to play PS1 games like xenogears and star ocean 2. Stop with your bs. Double layered isnt magic. Its just more storage space. Doesn't affect the quality in anyway or the life span of the disk.

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If the "PS4 emulation doesnt come cheap", then why the hell is War of the Monsters the same price on PS4 as it is on PS3?? lol

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for the gamers hahahaha

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@commander: hilarious... who else would these games be for? Because people that still play a 15 year old game are, for a lack of any better word, gamers.

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They could have picked a game someone might actually want to play instead of a glorified tech demo.

Avatar image for bigbadcrawford

What a load of shit

Avatar image for sepsis216

That greed tho...

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Well Okage: Shadow King is a great game, and I am glad it's coming back... however- I won't buy it because I already own it.

Sony really dropped the ball on this, but I mean more power to the players who can't find the classics and will purchase these.

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Avatar image for tsunami2311

Less they give us proper BC/Emulation like MS doing with XBOXONE, I will stick to PCSX2 and 50+ ps2 games I already own. cause i not pay again for game I already have.

To the dumb idiots PCSX2 is NOT ILLEGAL if you OWN THE GAME AND PS2 and dump your OWN BIOS. it only illegal if you download all the stuff.

Avatar image for Barighm

@tsunami2311: X1 doesn't use proper emulation, actually. You just download the games. They don't run the discs, and MS needs permission from the publisher to do that.

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@tsunami2311: well duh this isnt aimed at the consumers who already have and kept the ps2 with games.

Just like ps now isnt for the customer who still owns ps3s

Just like netfliex isnt for people to watch films or tv shows they have on dvds or blue rays

Its aimed at people like me whos ps3 ylod and can still play ps3s games iv not yet played and or to buy classic ps2 games as i dont own a ps2

And i dont use netflix to rewatch films i have on dvd.

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@Flyin3lvl: Good explanation... I've been trying to say something like that but you explained it much more clearly.

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@joshrmeyer: thank you, i just understand some people logic, even the x1 isnt true backwards ie cant play red dead, how is that bc?