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Next PGA Tour 2K Game Will Be "Bigger And Better," But No Word On If It's Coming This Year

Is PGA Tour 2K22 coming this year? 2K Sports won't say, but the company is confident in what it's bringing to the table.


Whether or not 2K Sports releases a new PGA Tour 2K game this year remains unknown, but the publisher has now said that the series will continue, and when it comes back, it'll be "bigger and better in every way."

Asked about the future of the series, a spokesperson for 2K Sports told GameSpot:

"The next release of the PGA Tour 2K franchise is going to be bigger and better in every way. We're super excited to tell you more but until then, we're continuing to add new multiplayer content in PGA Tour 2K21 so our fans can get in and play together today."

Reading between the lines, it sounds like there won't be a new PGA Tour 2K game this year, but the company stopped short of confirming that. PGA Tour 2K21 was released in August 2020, and with time closing in on when we'd expect a follow-up, GameSpot asked 2K to clarify what's happening with the PGA Tour 2K series this year.

2K's parent company, Take-Two, will announce its next earnings results on August 2, at which time the publisher should update its release calendar to confirm whether or not a new PGA Tour 2K game is coming this year.

Earlier this year, 2K Sports signed a deal with legendary golfer Tiger Woods that will see the 15-time Major winner consult with the developer on future entries in the series, which is developed by 2K's HB Studios. The team formerly made The Golf Club series before 2K acquired the studio and re-launched the PGA Tour 2K series in 2020 to 2 million sales and counting.

Woods suffered significant injuries during a California car crash in April, but whether or not this had had any impact on the PGA Tour 2K series is unknown. 2K Sports believes its deal with Woods could be Michael Jordan-like for the PGA Tour 2K series.

In addition to strong sales, PGA Tour 2K21 was a critical success for 2K Sports. Here at GameSpot, our PGA Tour 2K21 review scored the game an 8/10, with critic Steven Petite praising it as a game that appeals to both hardcore golf fans and newcomers alike.

PGA Tour 2K won't be the only game in town for much longer when it comes to licensed PGA Tour games on console. EA Sports is reviving its PGA Tour series in Spring 2022 with the first entry since EA sidelined the series after Rory McIlroy PGA Tour in 2015. EA's new game will have all four Majors, as well as the women's game through its partnership with the LPGA. EA is further investing in golf games through its $1.4 billion acquisition of Golf Clash developer Playdemic.

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