Next Oblivion add-on detailed

For a fee, players will be able to explore the largest dungeon in the game and earn a Daedric artifact that can kill enemies instantly.


The world of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was already pretty huge when the game shipped for the PC and Xbox 360 in March, but Bethesda Softworks keeps adding to it with downloadable content. The company has now unveiled the fifth add-on for the game, Mehrunes' Razor, in a new page on the Oblivion Downloads Web site.

The new quest revolves around a powerful mage who has set off in search of the Daedric Artifact Mehrunes' Razor. The Razor has the ability to instantly kill enemies, and the mage intends to use it to overthrow the Empire. It's up to the players to ensure that power doesn't fall into the wrong hands--or at least, anyone else's wrong hands.

Mehrunes' Razor will be the most expensive download yet, coming in at $2.99 for PC users (there's no price yet for the Xbox Marketplace edition, but previous Oblivion downloads have sold for roughly the same amount on PC and Xbox 360). For that fee, players will get to explore a dungeon larger than any in the regular game and earn the Razor itself. The quest will also add 17 new magic items and a dozen new books, notes, and journals to read.

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