Next Ninja Gaiden gets a release date and...colorful trailer

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z gets a 2014 release date, but the latest trailer proves divisive among fans.

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Tecmo Koei announced a March 4, 2014 release date for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z today along with releasing the above trailer. Showcasing a cel-shaded art style that the press release describes as a "stylized living comic book," the video has garnered strong fan reactions both for its look at the game's combat as well as the colorful dialogue.

The trailer provides "an in-depth look at how Yaiba’s newly implemented skills will deliver increasingly gruesome kills" according to the press release. And the female voiceover you hear comes from Yaiba's guide, Miss Monday. She's described as his "virtual escort," but "not even she is safe from his brash, unbridled sarcasm."

The ninjas-meets-zombies gameplay of Yaiba is born of a collaboration between Team Ninja (the studio behind former Ninja Gaiden titles and Metroid: Other M) and former Capcom producer Keiji Inafune (known for his work on Resident Evil, Dead Rising, and Mega Man).

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