Next Mass Effect: BioWare discusses same-sex relationships and says Xbox One and PS4 are "pretty awesome"

"Inclusivity is a part of the BioWare mandate," writer says about same-sex relationships; art director teases that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 tech "looks pretty awesome."

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During a question-and-answer session following a PAX East panel this weekend, fans pressed BioWare about the next Mass Effect game, but as you might expect, the company kept its lips largely sealed.

However, the brief quotes that Mass Effect writer Cathleen Rootsaert and art director Joel MacMillan did offer up do lend some vision into what may be in store for the new game in the beloved spacebound series.

"Inclusivity is part of the BioWare mandate" -- Mass Effect writer Cathleen Rootsaert

Asked if the next Mass Effect will allow for same-sex and inter-species relationships, Rootsaert said, "We can't divulge that. But, I'll just say that inclusivity is part of the BioWare mandate. So, we do our best."

Another fan asked about what platforms BioWare is considering for the next Mass Effect game. MacMillan offered a tantalizing tease that we could see the game come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but he wouldn't confirm one way or the other.

"It's kind of tricky to officially comment on that, but I mean, gen4 [being Xbox One and PlayStation 4] looks pretty awesome and Mass Effect's an awesome-looking game," McMillen said. This comment drew a rousing round of laughter from the audience.

BioWare announced the new Mass Effect game back in September 2012 and has since promised that it will deliver a "fresh and new" experience, while also retaining the spirit and core of the franchise. It won't feature Commander Shepard, but that's all we know story-wise.

This game runs on Frostbite 3 and BioWare even released the first images of the game late last year. In addition to the new Mass Effect game, BioWare is working on an all-new and ambitious IP that is already playable, while a Mass Effect movie is also in the works with Legendary Pictures, the production company behind blockbuster movies like The Dark Knight Rises and The Hangover series.

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