Next Historical Total War Game Will Go to a New Era for the Franchise

What time period would you like to see?


Developer Creative Assembly has started to tease the next historical Total War game. In a roundtable interview attended by Eurogamer, brand director Rob Bartholomew stated that the studio is working on a game that's set in "an era we haven't tackled yet."

"Yes, it's not something we've done before," creative director Mike Simpson added. That's all the developers had to say on the matter.

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Past games in the series have been set in eras such as feudal Japan, the Roman republic, and medieval Europe, as well as the Napoleonic Wars and the American Revolutionary War.

According to the report, the unannounced game is in pre-production right now.

Creative Assembly is working on multiple projects currently. There are two sequels to Total War: Warhmmer in the works, while the UK-based studio is also developing Halo Wars 2. According to Eurogamer's report, Creative Assembly has at least five separate internal development teams.

What era would you like to see the next Total War historical game head to? Let us know in the comments below!

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Do the colonization of the North and South Americas in the 14 and 1500's featuring the spanish and dutch and english and french and their conflict with each other and the native tribes and civilizations!!! Control over the Americas!

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how about a total war game that adds china and japan or something? Or maybe the Chinese Dynasties? that be new and fun

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Medieval 3 would be pretty cool although there is alot of people wanting china TW. what about combining those 2 by adding east asia to the map. then you can lead the mongol armies west or crusader armies east if u want.. that could be a really badass scenario

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Colonization: Total War (european colonization of the Americas) or Great War: Total War (set in the World War I period) or Civil War: Total War.

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Medieval Total War 3. Bring back the best from all the total wars, so multiple layers and bigger siege battles, naval combat, individual unit customization, agent cut scenes. I love the idea of general progression as well, not being able to recruit high tier units until you have proven yourself in battle.. and so on.. There are so many great things that could come out of a Medieval 3!

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Medieval total war 3 is only game I want to see from this studio.

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Medieval 3 would definitely be my choice, however I have a feeling that it will be Chinese dynasties seeing as loads of people keep asking for that

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I'm not sure about anyone else but I'd like to see another Empire. But this time maybe start mid way through the 18th century and finish in the mid 19th century. Also add more theaters like more of Asia, Africa and even Oceania and the abilities that are available in Napoleon Total War like liberation, I found that quite useful when trying to help allies. Maybe even new units would be a good idea?

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Pike and Shot

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The most logical next historical period to be covered by the Total War game series is the 19th Century. Say 1815 to 1914. That period had great technological and tactical advances. So, I vote for the 19th Century.

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The Great War: Total War would be pretty awesome imo: like Company of Heroes, only World War One. :P

Or, like Entente only done right.
EITHER WAY could be awesome xD

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ancient Greece

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Give us Medieval III Total War!! And bring back those agent cut scenes from shogun 2! Hmmm... Per unit customization would be awesome (aesthetics, skills, stats). If you're reading this Creative Assembly, think about it!

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@roguewave2: I agree. Medieval 2 is my favorite Total War game (maybe just because the medieval era is my favorite era)

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The only other era besides an ancient one spanning mesopotamia.. would like be China / Mongolia during the Genghis Khan's invasion of China (or was it one of his kids?).

But it would be cool to find neanderthals and megafauna while figuring out how the wheel works.

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If they got the balls, they could do an Ancient Total war. with a notable transition between bronze to iron age.

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Pre-Historic: Total War :^)

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Trump Total War

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Warring States Zhou Dynasty China

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China's Romance of 3 kingdom, warring state, Investiture of the Gods

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id like 1910 too 2016

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The American Civil War is a good suggestion.

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@onesiphorus: There's actually a pretty solid indie strategy game which is sort of total war-ish called Ultimate General: Civil War. Take a look.

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@onesiphorus: I find this conflict really interesting (and I'm European), but it isn't very good for TW game., because it has many limits (number of factions, little diversity of units etc.).

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Total War: Warahmmer??

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Easy way would by china, hard way something from ww1....

Or maybe prehistoric age ? But there would be only like 2 units.. caveman and rock thrower ^^

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Whatever it is, I sure hope it has gore DLC, because if it doesn't Im not buying.

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@PETERAKO: Agreed but i also want zoom function DLC this time around aswell!

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World War One: Total War

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Are they gonna go future and just piss all over Halo Wars 2...?

Personally I'd like to see another game in the early days of firearms, but they kind of already nailed that with Empire and then again with the Fall of the Samurai Expansion... I really love the battles of those time periods though so more are welcome!

Eh basically anything would be really good if they try hard enough, the time period doesn't matter so much, though I prefer old-timey, it's the gameplay that holds these games together and if they can make it work in another era then all the power to them. Haven't liked the TW games after Shogun 2 as much though, so I'll have to wait and see what direction they go in with any further games.

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@nl_skipper: I too like the clash of bows, spears, swords... along with early firearms.

But most of all I'd like to see what a Total War setting could do in World War 1.

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I want another Medieval, but since it's new, probably China.

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@adsparky: China has plenty of potential, between the Three Kingdoms and Sixteen Kingdoms alone.

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Partial War: My Yogurt Clearly had My Name On It, Chad.

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@snugglebear: Another "Post of the Week" goes to Mr. Bear!

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@snugglebear: My bad. I thought that meant it was to me from you.

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Trump Total War.

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They need to crack on with making Rome 2 less shit, let alone another whole new game!

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@HBM: They did. That game got more patches, changes, redesign, and new features than any other Total War game, and most any other game I can think of. Now that two more Total War games have launched after Rome II, I don't think we're going to see any more work go into it.

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@HBM: Well that trireme sailed a long time ago... get it, trireme...? Because they're Roman...?

I crack myself up...

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@nl_skipper: lol !