Next Historical Total War Game Will Go to a New Era for the Franchise

What time period would you like to see?


Developer Creative Assembly has started to tease the next historical Total War game. In a roundtable interview attended by Eurogamer, brand director Rob Bartholomew stated that the studio is working on a game that's set in "an era we haven't tackled yet."

"Yes, it's not something we've done before," creative director Mike Simpson added. That's all the developers had to say on the matter.

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Past games in the series have been set in eras such as feudal Japan, the Roman republic, and medieval Europe, as well as the Napoleonic Wars and the American Revolutionary War.

According to the report, the unannounced game is in pre-production right now.

Creative Assembly is working on multiple projects currently. There are two sequels to Total War: Warhmmer in the works, while the UK-based studio is also developing Halo Wars 2. According to Eurogamer's report, Creative Assembly has at least five separate internal development teams.

What era would you like to see the next Total War historical game head to? Let us know in the comments below!

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