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Next Heroes of the Storm Playable Characters Revealed

Varian and Ragnaros are on the way.


Today during the BlizzCon 2016 opening ceremony, Blizzard announced the next playable characters for its PC MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. The new characters, which come from the Warcraft franchise, are Varian and Ragnaros.

Varian is Heroes of the Storm's first multi-class hero. You can play the character as a shield-using Warrior or an Assassin, depending on how you want to use his talents. As for Ragnaros, he has some devastating-sounding abilities, including lava waves that can incinerate entire lanes of minions, Blizzard said.

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He also has a trait called molten core that can be used to take over a fort that's standing or not and then grow massive in size.

Varian will be available in Heroes of the Storm's test realm next week, with a full release coming on November 15. Ragnaros will follow in December.

Also during the presentation, Blizzard revealed a new Heroes Brawl called Blackheart's Brawl. As part of this, only one team has a core; the other side tries to help a ship set sail.

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