Next-gen Star Wars video leaked

[UPDATE] YouTube clip shows "pre-visualization" of Jedis giving demonstrations of The Force to unwilling stormtroopers.


At E3 2006, attendees had to be in the loop to get a peek at what LucasArts had in store for the next-gen edition of its unnamed Star Wars game. Behind closed doors, elite members of the press go to check out the latest technology from the house that Lucas built, including footage of what is believed to be the cornerstone of the upcoming game--the outer space voodoo magic knows as The Force.

Now, an Internet-connected computer is all gamers need to see the Jedi powers in action. A minute-long video has surfaced on, and shows unidentified Jedis demonstrating The Force on some unsuspecting Empire minions.

LucasArts hasn't detailed the new games, set for release on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 next year, but if the video is any indication, they'll involve plenty of telekinesis and rag-doll effects.

At E3, the video was accompanied by an interactive demo featuring some tongue-in-cheek Star Wars humor (such as Jar-Jar Binks frozen in Carbonite). For more information on LucasArts' presentation, read GameSpot editor Brad Shoemaker's take from E3.

[UPDATE] LucasArts contacted GameSpot to clarify a few pieces of information. The video was given out to members of Hyperspace, the company's online Star Wars community. The clip is also a "pre-visualization"--a video made to give people an idea of what to expect in the upcoming game, and is not running on the game's engine.

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