Next-gen Call of Duty in works at Treyarch?

Job listing at California-based Call of Duty studio asks for senior software engineer to join team "bringing our hugely successful game to a new console."


Last week, Activision-owned Vicarious Visions was linked to development for Nintendo's Wii U. It appears Vicarious Visions isn't the only Activision developer working on projects for a new console.

Treyarch appears set to bring Call of Duty to new platforms.
Treyarch appears set to bring Call of Duty to new platforms.

A job listing at Call of Duty studio Treyarch calls for a senior software engineer to join a team "bringing our hugely successful game to a new console." Though not named outright, Call of Duty has become the studio's signature series. Last year's Treyarch-developed Call of Duty: Black Ops sold around 25 million copies for the publisher through early August. The studio has not shipped a title outside of the shooter franchise since 2008, when it released both the James Bond-based Quantum of Solace and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

The job listing does little to shed additional light on the project, though the phrasing of bringing a specific game to a new console could suggest a port. The job description notes that the chosen candidate will "adapt graphics and other major systems in our engine to a new platform."

As for what the "new console" might be, there are a number of possibilities. At the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Activision pledged to support Nintendo's newest console, the Wii U. Beyond that, there are rumors the next Xbox could be unveiled at E3 2012, and a source claiming to be present at a "high level" Sony meeting pegged the PlayStation 4 as being readied for announcement or release in 18 months.

The next Call of Duty entry--Modern Warfare 3--is due out on November 8 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, DS, and Wii. Modern Warfare 3 picks up where Modern Warfare 2 left off, and it is set on a global stage. Players will fight on multiple continents in places like London, France, Germany, and New York City.

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Avatar image for Evilab7

really, another call of duty, it sucked straight away after MW1 and they still decide to milk itm i have no idea why every one keeps buying call of duties

Avatar image for Vari3ty

What's up with Gamespot posting about a 2 month old article on Facebook?

Avatar image for manchubot

Call of Duty is getting Activision's Tony Hawk treatment, a new one every year until finally they need gimmicky controls and controllers to try and save it before scraping it declaring it a good run while it lasted and the name turns from titan to joke. More hating of the clockwork sequels, I have nothing against the franchise itself.

Avatar image for tarikm92f

can't wait!

Avatar image for SP3C1AL-K

@ThAdEa82 well... there's always a catch

Avatar image for ThAdEa82

@SP3C1AL-K - compared to PC counterparts after you dish out $500 to upgrade

Avatar image for in2DarKneSs

They could just be looking for a team to work on a Wii-U version of the next treyarch CoD. or maybe a wii-u only CoD game, who knows.

Avatar image for KrazzyDJ

Uh ... shouldn't Modern Warfare 3 have been a next gen game ???

Avatar image for codename-60091

they should port a new graphics system before i am sold to battlefield 3 in the near future.

Avatar image for chilly-chill

I dont want a next gen console, I'm happy with my 360 right now.

Avatar image for 5529319

Really, I loved Call of Duty until Black Ops. I hated it so bad that I gave up on the campaign when I'm not even half-way through it. Almost never touched the multiplayer.

Avatar image for jlash259

I love call of duty a whole lot. But the campers in the game are so annoying. Maybe they could make a game mode where if you stay still for more than 3 seconds, you're dead. And you have to be constantly moving.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Sounds good to me! keep the CoDs coming!

Avatar image for Devin-B

I used to absolutely love CoD, now I can't help but compare the series to the Friday the 13th series. I wonder if MW3 will be Activison's Jason-X?

Avatar image for lilflex1

games need more time and thoughts before thinking about a release date or even bringing it up (sport games are different) like rockstar does with gta games or overall you know its in the making, they play brain teasers and its released about 3-4years after the previous released version

Avatar image for BelaidKL

I wouldnt rule the xbox out of the running with the WiiU for the 'new console'... after all remember Microsofts announcement with the Xbox Slim? that not even a month later it was available in stores... i wouldnt push out the possibility that Microsoft wont release the next xbox WITH Call Of Duty (as a bundle) on the side of a single release to rack in the cash

Avatar image for thereal-15-cent

CoD needs allot of new things. Not just better graphics. I would appreciate if there weren't 10 camping spots around every base in "Domination". The fast paced game-play makes CoD awesome. The campers aren't playing the game the way it's supposed to be played. That's why CoD needs a fresh shot of blood.

Avatar image for MERGATROYDER

Wii-U is the console in question. With that said, who thinks the next XBOX will be announced at E3 2012?

Avatar image for BibiMaghoo

The Wii is considered current gen. By default then, the Wii U must be next gen.

Avatar image for brucecambell

Its the Wii U. How can you kids not see this. Put 2 & 2 together.New console coming out = Wii U. New cod coming out = cod comin to the Wii U.

Avatar image for shkar

xbox360 needs a successor,,,,PS3 still has much to offer ,,,may be in 2 years time a successor will be produced,,,,,,,,as simple as that

Avatar image for God_Emporer

Call of Duty is coming to the Dreamcast!

Avatar image for Thuganomic05

I literally lol when reading comments below - people just assume that this means Xbox 360 or Ps3's sucessor. Blindly ignoring the next-gen handhelds, Vita and Wii U. The consoles (360 and PS3) still have about 4 years of life left.

Avatar image for waraga

hmm i see an new xbox coming out very soon , PlayStation 4 will may be out late.

Avatar image for Alex_09

That's disappointing. I was still hoping they'd make a proper Vietnam game since Black Ops was so much like MW2. I need another CoD game that doesn't play like Goldeneye with camping, and Treyarch are the only ones who got it right with WaW.

Avatar image for Novemberfreeze

@irwin88 dont joke around. Activision might see your comment. -_-

Avatar image for Novemberfreeze

if they intend to do it for the new PS or Xbox i'd be a bit excited. it would mean they would finally spend more than a year on a game and (maybe) less rehashing.

Avatar image for GamerYnoX

More of the same

Avatar image for idk95

@zaxafreon true to you but they always go the extra mile to make sure that they make a better COD than infinity ward. Treyarch>>>Infinity Ward.

Avatar image for DekaRyan46

@FusionRain, maybe even the Vita or 3DS also..... But most likely the Wii U.

Avatar image for FusionRain

I would get excited but I'm sure it's for the Wii U

Avatar image for SP3C1AL-K

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for SP3C1AL-K

@bandarman Have to say i disagree, u can really notice how this gens consoles are starting to struggle with new releases compared to their PC counterparts, not to mention the fact that graphics have to be dumbed down in most games just for them to run on console.

Avatar image for NoHotAshes

They should just adopt years at this point, COD 2012, COD 2013 etc..... -_-

Avatar image for Gladiator_Sofi

@steveguttenberg i wasn't exactly referring to call of duty (I like both call of duty and battlefield) you have the right to like or dislike any game but i'm just saying that people should stop judging games before they are released. for example:BF fans are already saying that MW3 will suck even though there are millions of gamers out there who can't wait to play MW3

Avatar image for Japanese_Jade

Man, these guys are quick to announce new titles in their franchise. MW3 hasn't even been released yet and they're already in the works of another one for a console that hasn't even been showcased yet! lol

Avatar image for nousername66

Keep TA away from COD

Avatar image for Scarab83

Wii U is considered next gen? Since when? I never really considered the Wii current gen, to be honest.

Avatar image for gearsstreet018


Avatar image for jhpeter

This game will rocks in Wii U, graphics plus motion plus .

Avatar image for dre256x

Next-gen... hmm does that mean next gen systems will probably will be announce next year or its just simple asking for Wii U dev's...

Avatar image for gobbo00

Wii U think about it.

Avatar image for zaxafreon

Treyarch makes the worse COD

Avatar image for Final13

@blitzwn36 Hey man I feel like you. I am going to get both BF3 and CODMW3. It just sucks that a "game war" is based on sales and not on the actual games (ex graphics, gameplay, sound, etc..). I think COD is an amazing series but it's constantly recycled. In the end COD will win the "game war" because it will sell more.

Avatar image for WeWerePirates

Could be Vita...

Avatar image for blitztwn36

I love how there is so much hate for COD - yet the sales speak for themselves. MW3's preorders are on pace to break Black Ops - these games sell, and it's been proven they sell very, very well. You know that most of the people in here trashing COD own, and have enjoyed, most of the previous titles. While publicly you won't admit to being excited for it, since it's the 'cool' thing to trash COD, you'll still go buy the game and play it. As previously mentioned, if you have no interest, quit trolling and go sit on your fist. Personally, I'm excited for both BF3 and MW3, I'm hoping that the competition pushes the FPS genre into new and exciting directions.

Avatar image for dg3215

I really don't need a COD title every year.. Just make one every two years and in that time think of the additional campaign, spec-ops/zombies, and multiplayer features that could be added on in that time period.

Avatar image for Killer_Panda

treyarch should wash their hands of CoD. they almost ruined it back in the day, and pretty much saved it with black ops. it's time for them to work on an original IP so we can see what they're really made of.

Avatar image for Son_of_Bmore

Shut up I hate hearing people cry bout CoD don't like it don't comment on it or buy it I hate Madden haven't comment or bought 1 since 2005