Next Free EA PC Game Arrives on Origin

Grab the 2004 World War II FPS Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault right now.


The next "On the House" game for EA's Origin PC game store has arrived. As announced last week, the game is World War II shooter Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, which was originally released in 2004. It usually sells for $10, but you can grab it right now from the On the House hub for no charge at all.

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Pacific Assault replaces Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which was free starting in February up until now. On the House offers one free game at a time, but there is no set schedule for when new titles will replace the existing ones.

While On the House titles are completely free for all Origin users, gamers can also pay $5/month for an Origin Access subscription to get a library of free games (among other perks). The lineup of games in "The Vault" grew earlier this week, when Respawn's 2014 shooter Titanfall was added to the program.

GameSpot's Pacific Assault review scored the game an 8.3/10.

"It can be difficult to reconcile how, exactly, such a grim event as World War II could become the context for a fun-filled action game, but it's once again made for an exciting experience in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault," reviewer Greg Kasavin said back in 2004.

After 2012's Medal of Honor Warfighter came up short, EA put the series on hiatus. No new entries in the shooter franchise have been announced, though EA still retains the rights to make more games in the future.

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