Next Call of Duty to be revealed May 1?

Leaked GameStop material suggests next entry in Activision's shooter series to be announced next week.


Gamers looking for news about 2013's Call of Duty installment won't have much longer to wait if leaked GameStop material proves accurate.

Image credit: IGN
Image credit: IGN

A photo of a GameStop display sent to IGN (at right) suggests promotional material for the game will be sent to stores on April 29 before it can be displayed on May 1.

An Activision representative declined to comment.

An early May announcement matches up with last year's Call of Duty reveal, which took place on May 1 during the NBA Playoffs on TNT.

Activision has confirmed a new Call of Duty for 2013, but has kept quiet on its title. United Kingdom retailer Tesco this week posted a product listing for Call of Duty: Ghosts, suggesting Infinity Ward is developing this year's game.

Whatever the case, Activision does not believe this year's game will outsell Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This game is on pace to surpass the original Black Ops' 25 million units sold mark to become the best-selling title in franchise history, according to one analyst.

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what in the world is Call of Duty

Avatar image for vongroove

What's this Call of Duty fad? NEEEEEVER heard of it!

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This is actually not the worst news ever. For those who wanna get the series again, they have a new game to get, and for those who haven't played a COD game in their lives, well...yeah, COD games are the same more or less each installment since Modern Warfare, but that means it's easier to get into overall.

Me personally, my internet is actually fairly bad so skipping the title, but at least those who want the game will be able to get it.

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@MKID232 A rational minded opinion about CoD and a Vanille avatar? Two thumbs up for you sir (or ma'am). :D

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@lukewallwork @Aderdunn_3
I have Modern Warfare 2 and I know that only Black Ops (1&2) have zombie mode...Still it is NOT sth original!
Ouch you suck

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Don't care when you announce it......I will not be buying another COD game......

Avatar image for X-RS

(0:00-0:14) Many eager fans await the installment...

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@X-RS I fail to see how this video is relevant but this is one of the greatest childhood movies of all time so bravo sir

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At least, they could try something new! Why not Call of Duty 1890?


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@fredyellowone yeah, run and gun with guns that could fire once every minute lol

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@MjnE @fredyellowone


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I would assume the next COD MW will be running on a brand new engine. They seriously cannot release another COD with no upgrades. Obviously COD is the big boy on the block for sales and that alone will drive a load of people to upgrade their console as quickly as they can. So I understand the marketing reasoning that Microsoft is going with. I hope they have some other goodies to show us as well. Because at this point I could care less about COD, I have not purchased BOPS 2 and don't plan to.

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No more Call of Duty. Talk about milking the cash cow till it's dry. I'll be passing on this one just like that last one.

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I will enjoy passing it again like every year.... they need to dealwithit...

Avatar image for Killer6b9

@wrestlemaniaw No they "Need dealt with" lol......

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@Killer6b9 @wrestlemaniaw wtf does "Need dealt with" mean? Read and review helps out a lot.

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It's funny how most everyone is saying how they won't buy it yet when all your friends are playing it and they want you to play it you all will fork over the money for a $60 DLC. It's the only reason why they keep making them, cause simple minded plebeians keep buying giving them money for it.

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mehh .... =_=

Avatar image for Bayonetta2013

@Crazyboy272 Painfully.

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Oh joy.

I wasn't expecting that AT ALL.

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awesome news....

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Will be too busy with Rome 2: Total War to care.

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Should be awesome.

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I wonder what next years cod will be called.

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I buy cod every year for the brilliant, lengthy single player campaign. Activision is one of the most forward thinking innovative developers in the industry. I'm happy to pay $60 for their awesomeness because every installment is so original and brings something new to the series. Other developers try to copy cod's success but can't get the recipe right. ty Acti-blizzard for yet another exciting combat game that will surely impress.

signed no one

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@cuddlyfuzzle Can't tell if trolling or just plain retarded?

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@spikes1471 omg some of you ppl are thick. I am not sure if you're trolling or just retarded. no question mark...

Avatar image for Bayonetta2013

@spikes1471 @cuddlyfuzzle Both?

Avatar image for Bayonetta2013

@JunglemanchiId @Bayonetta2013 @spikes1471 @cuddlyfuzzle Referring to the troll comment. Comprehension is a wonderful thing to have. :)

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@Bayonetta2013 @spikes1471 @cuddlyfuzzle "signed no one" Who is plain retarded now lol?

Avatar image for kik4444

Infinity Ward, I perfectly understand that COD MW1 practically changed the FPS genre, but YOUR BRAIN WOULD HAVE TO BE AS BIG AS THE PLANCK LENGTH, TO THINK THAT EVERY COD AFTER MW1 IS DIFFERENT THAN THE LAST!

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

Oh god. I miss the days when developers actually cared about games.

Avatar image for Aderdunn_3

I can predict IGN's score already! 9.5 out of 10! Praising the same silly gameplay mechanics and telling how "fun" and "original" the zombie mode is!

Avatar image for Simplythebest12

LOL as long as there are suckers out there that buy crappy and generic FPS...

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Nice. What number are we at now?

Avatar image for Bayonetta2013

@Zonno Call of Duty:

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OMG! what a f***ing surprise!!! ANOTHER CoD game! Infinity Ward and whatever company helps develop these lack-luster-cow cash-unoriginal games needs to get testicular cancer.

Avatar image for Earthen80

The CoD game I really enjoyed was World at War. That was 5 years ago. This franchise has become way too popular with the wrong people.

Avatar image for Jacen22

I seriously thought that the COD fad would be dying out by now, but it seems year after year they break sales records. Don't gamers understand that it's virtually the same game with a different title and Activision is just effectively robbing you annually? Not to mention the elite sub and additional maps they charge extra.

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I Can't Wait For This! i Love Call Of duty. I Don't care what people have to say about it! my #1 fav game, #2 is Ofcourse HALO!

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@halo117xbox Nobody cares what you have to say about it either.

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Activison must have massive stock holdings in "udder butter".

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Spunkgargleweewee for everyone!!!

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The gaming industry is a business and as long as people keep buying cod every year. Why not keep milking their money? Like it or not thats the way things go. Funny I thought after MW2 the sales would slow down, but it appears as it continues to sell the exact same 20 million + every year. I'm not sure when it will stop at this point.

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@zenogandia Yeah, why not

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So soon?


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Call of Duty= Twilight for gamers.

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@anthony7648 & Justin Beiber